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November 14, 1996
Science-Based Management System Could Lessen Water Disputes
A new computer-based system will help establish a scientific basis for equitable and sustainable water resources management for the Nile River basin and other areas of the world where water is a precious and often fought-over resource.

Differences Found Between Expectant Women With High Blood Pressure
Although an expectant mother's high blood pressure may cause fetal stress and premature birth, a new study provides evidence that mild maternal hypertension actually accelerates maturation of the lungs and nervous system in infants.

Blood Vessel Troubles May Lead To High Blood Pressure
Blood vessel abnormalities that disrupt normal blood flow may contribute to high blood pressure, according to a study at Johns Hopkins and Veteran's General Hospital in Taiwan.

KU Researcher Adds A Dose Of Sugar To Diesel Fuel
A University of Kansas researcher develops a recipe for an alternative diesel fuel using agriculture resources.

Diet Combining Fruits, Vegetables And Low-Fat Foods Lowers Blood Pressure
A diet high in fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products and other low-fat foods significantly and quickly lowers blood pressure, according to a multicenter study that includes Johns Hopkins.

New Center Looks to Future of Test & Evaluation Research
The Georgia Institute of Technology has established the Test and Evaluation Research and Education Center (TEREC), to help develop less expensive and more efficient ways of testing new technologies for both defense and commercial organizations.

Fight Or Flight Response To Mental Stress Can Damage Heart
The fight or flight response the body sends out during mental stress triggers a sudden squeezing down of blood vessels that can damage the heart, concluded researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, MI

Environmentally-Safe Method Chills Out Pests From Stored Grain
Controlling pests in stored grains is typically accomplished with chemical fumigants.

Skin-Cancer Educators Make A Beachhead In Behavioral Change
Results from a new study suggest that the beach is a suitable site for reaching sunbathers at high risk for skin cancer and helping them change their behaviors, according to findings to be presented Nov.

Studies Show Lifestyle Changes Benefit Blood Pressure
Findings from two National Institutes of Health (NIH)- supported studies show that lifestyle changes, such as modifying one's diet and losing weight, substantially reduce blood pressure in adults and can keep older patients off antihypertensive medication. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to