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November 27, 1996
UNC-CH Medieval History Scholar Finds Women Chief Brewers, Children Drank Ale
CHAPEL HILL -- People who think under-aged drinking is a modern phenomenon may reconsider when they hear what a medieval history scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has discovered

How Smokeless Tobacco Damages The Mouth
The process by which smokeless tobacco injures the mouth has been identified by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Sea Turtles Have Favorite Oceanic Routes
Satellite tracking transmitters attached to leatherback turtles show that the turtles follow ocean corridors a few hundred miles wide from Central America toward the Galapagos Islands.

New System Reduces Hospital Readmissions For Congestive Heart Failure Patients
A physician at the University of Illinois at Chicago has developed a home monitoring system that helps congestive heart failure patients reduce their readmissions to hospitals.

Plants Have Future As Environmental Clean-Up Agents
Hazardous chemicals left behind in landfills and dump sites threaten water supplies and health.

KU Researcher Eyes The Rain Forest Through The Trees
A University of Kansas researcher is hoping her research on plant tissues and plant growth in Central America will help developing countries start a reforestation trend and possibly turn the native plant life into a profitable resource

Postmature Infants Not As Easily Calmed As Other Newborns
Though as many as 10 percent of newborns are born with a condition caused by postmaturity, little is known about the social or emotional implications of their condition.

Motion-MRI Gives Patients And Athletes More Accurate Injury Diagnosis
Using dynamic kinematic MRI technology, radiologists at the University of Illinois at Chicago can more accurately diagnose injuries of the knee, ankle and jaw that are not always detected by physical examination, x-rays or conventional static MRIs is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to