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December 05, 1996
Watching Biology In Action In Billionths Of A Second
For the first time, scientists have succeeded in making a

Researcher Discovers Key Brain Center For Speech
A key area of the brain that controls the mouth, tongue, larnyx and other intricate movements necessary for speech has been identified for the first time by a UC Davis researcher.

No Such Luck: Nitrogen From Air Pollution Unlikely to Moderate Global Warming
Modern society pollutes the air not only with carbon dioxide, but also with large amounts of nitrogen-containing compounds released by the burning of fossil fuels and the use of fertilizers.

Endocrine Surgery Safer, Less Costly At Busier Centers
Parathyroid gland surgery is more successful and less expensive at academic medical centers with specialized endocrine facilities and experienced surgeons than at hospitals where fewer of the operations are done, a Johns Hopkins study suggests

High Ankle Sprains Can Be Diagnosed More Easily, Henry Ford Researchers Conclude
DETROIT - Elusive high ankle sprains - most commonly found in athletes - usually are not seen in regular ankle x-rays, preventing the athletes from receiving proper treatment and delaying their return to activity, according to a study by Henry Ford Hospital researchers.

Two Long-sought Diabetes Gene Found
Two very unlikely suspects--interacting genes that regulate expression of other genes--have been tied to an early-onset form of type-2 diabetes, report research teams based at the University of Chicago.

Survey Reveals Wide Variations In HMO Decisions On Coverage Of New Medical Technologies
Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) are generally less likely to cover expensive but effective new medical technologies than equally effective, but less expensive technologies, according to results of a national survey published in the Dec.

New Kind of Chaperone Discovered: AIDS Hormone Detection
A new kind of molecular chaperone has been disovered by research teams at Northwestern University and the University of Regensberg. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to