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December 06, 1996
Nitrogen And Global Warming
Nitrogen from air pollution is unlikely to moderate the greenhouse effect, according to researchers at the universities of Minnesota and Toronto.

Optical Microscopy Shines Light On Biology
A chance to study individual biological molecules in a liquid environment has been a goal of scientists for years.

SU Researcher's International Team Discovers Unexpected Molten Layer In Himalayan Crust
An article in this week's

Discovery About Lubricants Could Lead To Less Machinery Wear
Scientists long have known that surface roughness plays a major role in the wear and tear of moving parts.

Premature Birth Sometimes Can Adversely Affect Infant's Ties To Mother
For mothers of premature, very low birth-weight babies that began life in the sterile confines of a neonatal intensive care unit, the second year of motherhood may bring new stresses and a barely 50 percent chance that a secure bond will form with the children, University of Illinois researchers report

Study Implicates Programmed Cell Death In Familial Alzheimer's Disease
Scientists have found additional evidence that dysregulation of programmed cell death --the normal process by which old or superfluous cells self-destruct -- may underlie the earlier onset and more rapid downhill course of inherited forms of Alzheimer'sdisease.

Peru Quake Occurred Outside Seismic 'Gap,' Bolstering Scholar's Theory
The occurrence of a large earthquake near the town of Nazca in southern Peru on Nov.

System To Improve Solar-Car Function May Work On Home Appliances
A power-tracking circuit, developed for use in a solar- powered race car, may improve the efficiency of large home appliances.

Study May Yield Better Heart Valves And Need For Less Anticoagulant
Heart-valve surgery is a medical miracle that extends life, but mechanical valves require anticoagulants to prevent life- threatening blood clots, and tissue valves have shorter life spans.

Environmental Impact Statements Need To Be Made Easier To Decipher
The average person can't make heads or tails of the typical environmental impact statement, according to a University of Illinois study that examined reading comprehension about a simple project in the nation's heartland.

Six Institutions, Led By Columbia, Putting Collections of Ancient Manuscripts Online
Experts at the six American institutions with the most extensive collections of ancient Greek and Egyptian papyri are collaborating to make the fragile materials available online.

Removing Brain Chemical Helps Reduce Body Fat In Genetically Obese Mice
Mice with a mutation that makes them grossly overweight can be induced to be only pleasingly plump, if they are genetically engineered to lack a certain neurotransmitter.

Fast Measurement Technique Reveals Early Steps In Protein Folding
A new measurement technique developed at the University of Illinois has shed some light on the early stages of protein folding.

Siblicide In Nature: Study Of Galapagos Seabird Finds Death Can Ensure Species Survival
Taller than most seabirds, masked boobies are known for their flashy plumage and dazzling dives.

Turbulence May Sink Titanic Reactor
The multibillion-dollar International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), billed as the world's best hope for proving that fusion can be a reliable and efficient source of abundant power, won't work, according to a news report in the 6 December 1996 Science

New Study Finds Vaccine Fails To Curb AIDS Virus
People infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and medical scientists received disappointing news Thursday evening (Dec.

Florida Company Using ORNL Technology For Revolutionary Wheelchair
An invention licensed to a company in Florida by the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the basis for a revolutionary, omnidirectional wheelchair, in which an operator can maneuver with 360-degree free wheeling capability

Mummified Crocs Disgorge Treasure Trove
Ancient papyrus documents that survived thousands of years as wrapping and stuffing for mummified crocodiles are being restored at UC Berkeley with technology adapted from silicon chip manufacturing.

Scientists Find Way To Eliminate Junk Genes In Biotechnology
Two Purdue University scientists have developed a two-step process that can insert desired genes on a specific place on a plant chromosome, and then excise other unwanted or

Men Want To Be Involved In Family Planning, But Are Ignored
Research by Cornell professor J. Mayone Stycos shows that men throughout the world want to be involved in family planning, but are being ignored is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to