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December 12, 1996
First-Light Declared At Hobby-Eberly Telescope
The largest and most powerful optical telescope in the continental United States has just taken its first look at the universe, demonstrating the feasibility of its novel design and ushering in a new era of cost-effective large telescopes.

UNC-CH Biologist, Husband Uncover North America's Oldest Land Animals
The oldest evidence of larger animals living on land in North America has been discovered by a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill biologist and her husband

Life's Stresses Bring More Good Than Previously Thought, Studies Show
Life's difficult times may have more of a silver lining than psychologists previously thought, according to studies published this month by a University of California, Davis, researcher.

Scientists Uncover Link Between Tropical and North Atlantic Climate Change
Scientists working under a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) have unveiled a new theory that winds in the tropics caused vast iceberg armadas to surge across the North Atlantic

Executive Robots? New programming Strategy May Help Robots `Think Fast' -- In Space Or On The Ground
Flobot the Robot can already hover on a cushion of air, manipulating objects with magnetic grippers to simulate hands-off satellite repairs in space, and the machine may soon learn to perform such tasks optimally, up to 10 times faster, thanks to a new algorithm described in a current engineering journal.

Fauci: New Findings On Host Factors Illuminate AIDS Pathogenesis
A clearer picture is now emerging of how factors intrinsic to the HIV-infected individual influence the rate at which HIV replicates in the person's body and how rapidly the patient will develop AIDS, says Anthony S.

New Ozone Laundry System Destroys Germs, Cuts Energy Costs
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