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December 17, 1996
Northridge Earthquake Hasn't Stopped; Hills Have Risen
Researchers measuring the movement of the Earth's surface with the Global Positioning System (GPS) have concluded that the Northridge earthquake has continued in a

BATSE Discovers Unique Sequence Of Cosmic Gamma Ray Bursts
Using the BATSE experiment on NASA's Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, astronomers at NASA/Marshall have observed four successive cosmic gamma-ray bursts from the same part of the sky, something unseen in the satellite's 5.5 year mission that many burst models cannot explain.

Capturing Sprites And Elves From Afar
A Penn State graduate student, sitting in a field in central Pennsylvania, is capturing a record of sprites and elves that were seen over northern Texas.

Monsoons Of Arabian Sea Control Productivity And Carbon Export
Investigation of the oxygen and nutrient content of the Arabian Sea could help shed light on how monsoons influence ocean productivity and the carbon cycle, according to a Penn State oceanographer

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Reaseachers Establish Link Between Depression And Heart Attack
A prospective study published in the December issue of

Earthquakes Illuminate Mantle Under Tibet
A new way of looking at seismic waves recorded at monitoring stations in Tibet can shed light on the structure of the mantle beneath this immense plateau, according to a Penn State researcher

NIAAA Reports Project MATCH Main Findings
Project MATCH, an eight-year, multi-university study, tested the hypothesis that matching patient types to specific behavioral therapies (cognitive-behavioral therapy, 12-step facilitation, and motivational enhancement therapy) would improve alcohol treatment outcomes.

K-State Food Chemist Invents Poundless Pound Cakes
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