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January 14, 1997
Supernova 1987A Expected To Light Up The Sky Once Again
Supernova 1987A, which provided astronomers a spectacular show 10 years ago, is brightening once again as a rapidly expanding debris cloud from the original explosion slams into an enormous ring of hydrogen gas encircling the dying star

Bog Beetle, Misidentified For 85 Years, Is 'Discovered' At Cornell
A beetle sitting in a collection at Cornell Univ. has been identified by Cornell entomologist

New Signature Of Black Holes Detected?
X-ray observations of a new black hole candidate contain what appears to be a unique signature predicted three years ago by physics Professor Robert V.

Capital Punishment Decisions Hinge On Jurors Who May Not Understand Their Task
People called upon to sit on juries for capital crimes often do not understand the language of the law, the factors they are supposed to weigh in considering a sentence, or even that they have final responsibility for imposing punishment.

Johns Hopkins To Announce AIDS Capitated Care Program
Johns Hopkins has established the region's first AIDS care capitation program for patients covered by Medicaid, the state-supported health insurance plan.

Hubble Team Reveals A Stellar Odd Couple Among Thousands Of Suns In The Milky Way
Astronomers are shining new light on a stellar odd couple emitting intense radiation in both ultraviolet light and X- rays.

Scientists Issue Call To Save Bornean Rhino
A team of researchers led by Columbia's Don Melnick has used DNA studies to confirm that a subspecies of Sumatran rhino, the Bornean rhino, is genetically distinct and that steps must be taken to preserve the ancient, endangered animal.

Geography, Mumps Linked To Tuberculosis In HIV-Infected Patients, Say Henry Ford Hospital Researchers
DETROIT -- Men and women with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have a higher incidence of tuberculosis if they live in the eastern United States or test positive for mumps, say researchers at Henry Ford Hospital. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to