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February 03, 1997
Stopping Nitric Oxide Build
A drug that stops overproduction of nitric oxide, a chemical normally involved in many body functions, may reduce the risk of brain damage that sometimes occurs when the body is cooled during heart surgery, a Johns Hopkins animal study suggests

Two Disorders Reveal New Complexities In Body's Use Of Genes
Johns Hopkins researchers studying the genetic changes underlying some cancers and genetic disorders have shown how a single gene can play a role in two very different and distinct inherited disorders, a heart rhythm disturbance and a rare growth ailment

Physicians Begin Testing First Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
Physicians at the University of Rochester Medical Center are beginning the world's first test in humans of a potential vaccine to protect against human papillomavirus (HPV) infections, one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases.

One-Time Carotid Artery Screening Is Cost-Effective, Model Suggests
Should physicians look for carotid artery disease in men who are at risk?

Carnegie Mellon & Digital Equipment Corp. Collaborate In A $7.5 Million Project To Develop A New Infrastructure For High-Performance Desktop Computing
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