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February 05, 1997
Too Few Able To Recognize 'Brain Attack'
The ability to recognize symptoms and risk factors for stroke, the nationĂ¢s third leading cause of death and leading cause of serious disability, appears to be woefully inadequate among the general public and people experiencing

Paramedic-Administered Test Identifies Stroke, Can Facilitate Faster Treatment
A new three-minute screening test that detects one-sided motor paralysis allows paramedics and other first-responders to rapidly identify people experiencing a stroke

The Value Of Real-Time Lightning Detection
Future space-based lightning detection and reporting of lightning flashes in real-time will provide valuable additional information to existing weather sensing systems.

Is The Earth's Temperature Up Or Down Or Both?
Computer models of global warming predict that the temperature trend in the lower troposphere should exhibit an even more pronounced warming than is observed by surface- based thermometers.

U.S. Geological Survey 1998 Budget: Increased Support For Drinking Water, Earthquakes And Biological Sciences
The USGS FY 98 budget will be introduced at a the Department of the Interior press conference on Thurs., Feb.

Forecasters Guide Pilots Into And Out Of Ice
As investigators seek clues to the January 9 crash of Comair Flight 3272 near Detroit Metropolitan Airport, atmospheric researchers are studying large-droplet icing.

Avoiding The ATM: Training Can Reduce Technophobia Among Older Adults
Automatic teller machines may be convenient, but recent studies show they're not always as easy to use as bank officials might think.

Scientists Correct Microscope "Vision Problems"
Faulty human eyesight can be corrected with glasses, but it's a different matter to fix vision problems that afflict instruments used by scientists who explore the microcosmos. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to