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February 14, 1997
'BirdSource' Website For Citizen-Science Data
One of the most comprehensive World Wide Web sites for amateur bird-watchers and professional ornithologists, BirdSource, opened for business Feb.

Scientists Determine 3-D Crystal Structure Of Cancer-Causing Protein
The three-dimensional picture of a cancer-causing protein illuminates how a mutated gene transforms cells into cancer, report scientists from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at The Rockefeller University in the Feb.

Stronger Evidence That Global Climate Change Can Reduce The Variety Of Life
A half-million-year record of some deep-water cousins of crabs called ostracodes provides some of the strongest evidence yet that global climate change can reduce the variety of life forms on Earth, according to a report released Thursday (Feb.

First Working Model Of Cellular Furnace Created
Stanford scientists have created the first working model of the cellular furnace that heats and powers nearly all living things ¯ an enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase

Dixie May Not Rise Again
Countries like Mexico that look at the amazing rise of commerce and industrialization in the rural American South for guidance, may benefit from looking at the realities rather than the rhetoric, according to Penn State geographers

How Teardrops And Bagels Are Producing Violent Stellar Outbursts In Space
They can resemble teardrops and bagels in space, and they can produce sudden and violent energy surges.

Teaching Of Scientific Ethics Is Not Very Scientific
Scientific integrity may translate into public trust, but University of Illinois researchers, in a report to the AAAS annual meeting in Seattle, report that ãgraduate education is not very scientific in itself.ä They are creating a tool to help institutions assess their mentoring programs

Once-Helpful Social Rules Now Cause Dysfunction
Some of the same evolutionary

Young Scientists Driven By Passion, Not Money
Despite earning half the national average for their age, fighting for shrinking government dollars and public recognition, todayâs young molecular biologists are surprisingly satisfied with their career choice and optimistic about advancing medical science, according to a national Roper survey released today at the AAAS's Annual Meeting & Science Innovation Exposition.

Protective Effect Of Progestin In Hormone Replacement Therapy Appears To Be Dose-Related
To help protect against endometrial cancer, women who take estrogen replacement therapy should also take progestin at least 10 days a month, say researchers at the University of Washington.

Tensegrities Help Understand Toys, Molecules
Tensegrity structures that bounce back to shape after being deformed require complicated mathematics, a Cornell expert told an audience at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to