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February 17, 1997
Nature Subsidizes Humanity With Services
The goods and services provided annually by natural ecosystems are worth many trillions of dollars in conventional economic terms, and the prosperity of all societies hinges upon safeguarding them, says Stanford ecologist Gretchen Dail

Prospects For New Techniques In Breast Cancer Screening Presented At Science Conference
SEATTLE -- A safe and accurate tool for breast cancer screening may be on the horizon, say Rensselaer scientists who are developing an imaging system that uses low-level electrical currents.

Plants Need Vitamin C, Too
Just as vitamin C protects humans and many animals from environmental stress, researchers at Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research Inc. at Cornell have found that mutant plants lacking vitamin C had shriveled leaves, and when grown in an ozone-contained environment, they were not able to cope with the environmental stress, and were hypersensitive to sulfur dioxide and ultraviolet B radiatio

Americans Are Feeling The Pinch Of Lost Ecosystem Services
Recent mudslides in Washington and Oregon states are the most recent reminder that ecosystem services ¯ the

Gays And Lesbians Often Receive Poor Or Inappropriate Treatment From Mental Health Care Providers, UW Researcher Finds
SEATTLE -- Gay men and lesbians often receive poor or inappropriate treatment when seeing mental health care providers, according to research presented Sunday, Feb. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to