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March 01, 1997
Study: Education Needed To Improve End-Of-Life Care
Intensive education for doctors and special programs within hospitals are more likely to change the kind of care dying people receive than advance care directives, sometimes called

Dental Sealants Can Prevent Four Out Of Five Cavities
Fluoride protects the smooth surfaces of teeth where only 17% of cavities occur.

Former Director Of The National Center For Health Statistics Decries Reliance On Surveys For Gathering Health Data
The U.S. spends close to one trillion dollars annually on health care yet cannot evaluate the impact of this spending on its population.

Long-Term Estrogen Therapy Benefit: A Case Of Widening Blood Vessels
Long-term estrogen replacement therapy after menopause may reduce heart attack risk not only by lowering blood-fat levels, but also by increasing blood flow to the heart and causing blood vessels to stay open wider and longer, according to a study led by Johns Hopkins researchers

Drug And Radiation Treatment May Shrink Pancreatic And Gastric Tumors
A new drug and radiation treatment may greatly improve the prognosis for a patient with locally advanced and inoperable cancer in the pancreas and stomach.

Pockets Of Concentrated Poverty Have More Domestic Violence
Using 1992 police reports of incidents of assaultive violence in Duval County, Florida, researchers found that the rate of incidents involving husbands, wives, girlfiends, and boyfriends was nine times higher in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty thanin other areas

Formal Training Improves Obstetricians' Ultrasound Skills
Young physicians who undergo a rigorous formal training program in ultrasound testing on pregnant women are better skilled at this procedure than young physicians without such training, a Johns Hopkins study suggests is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to