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March 13, 1997
Free Program On The World Wide Web Lets Users Analyze What They Eat
People concerned about what they eat can now use a Web-based program developed by the University of Illinois to analyze the nutrients in more than 5,200 common food items

Eating After Exertion May Be A Key To Speeding Body's Recovery
A post-exercise meal containing amino acids and carbohydrates may speed your body's recovery and enhance peak-performance levels, according to University of Illinois scientists

New Software Promises Improved Modeling Of Refinery Reaction Processes, UD Researchers Report
HOUSTON, TEXAS--Boosting the octane number of gasoline just got easier, thanks to new software that lets engineers and scientists build a model of the naphtha reforming process in hours, rather than months, University of Delaware researchers reported today during the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) meeting.

Melatonin May Ease Insomnia Associated With Depression In Lag Period Before Antidepressants Take Effect
Northwestern University Medical School researchers have launched a study to determine the effectiveness of melatonin to relieve insomnia in the initial weeks of Prozac¨ therapy.

Teleapprenticeship Gives Students Chance To Hone Skills Using Internet
A computer-based

Panel Assesses Impact Of Automation On Air Traffic Control
Before automating more functions at air traffic control facilities, the Federal Administration should consider the people working in the facilities, a report says

New Study Supports Crucial Low-Temperature Origin For Potential Microfossils In Mars Meteorite
A new study on Mars meteorite supports a low-temperature origin for carbonate globules inside the rock, researchers said today.

New Understanding Of How Influenza Virus Is Formed
The influenza virus reproduces itself by pushing by pushing out a portion of a cell's outer membrane and pinching it off, creating a new viral particle that can go on to infect another cell

New Model Of Ocean Depths Proves Accurate
Geologists have been trying for more than a decade to account for the discrepancies between their models for how plate tectonics works and the actual depths of the ocean floors.

When Models And Satellites Mislead: NCAR Scientists Prescribe Caution In March 13 Nature
An article in Nature (13 March) by two NCAR scientists provides new findings on a controversy involving the reliability of global temperature trends available via satellite, which conflict with surface readings.

Hormones Focus Of Study On How Responses To Infection Are Regulated
University of Illinois scientists are studying how behavioral responses to infection are focusing on glucocorticoids - naturally occurring hormones.

UNC-CH Report May Affect US Foreign Aid For Family Planning
Government and private programs around the world have successfully expanded availability of family planning services, improved the quality of care offered and spread information about such practices broadly, according to a new report

Physicians' Divorce Risk May Be Linked To Specialty Choice
A Johns Hopkins study finds that physicians in some specialties -- chiefly psychiatry and surgery -- are at higher risk for divorce than their medical brethren in other fields.

New Process Could Result In Smaller, Faster Microelectronic Devices
A new chemical process for the deposition of titanium disilicide shows promise as a method of fabricating smaller, faster microelectronic devices, says a University of Illinois scientist is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to