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March 20, 1997
A Drug Pump On A Computer Chip
Biomedical engineers have built a prototype drug pump the size of a contact lens, a miniature, closed-loop implant that could monitor its own flow rate to ensure a steady stream of medicine

Sandia Earns A+ On School Security Program Achievements White House Sent Account Of Success At New Mexico High School
A pilot school security program between Sandia National Laboratories and Belen High School (N.M.) is being credited for reducing vandalism by 75 percent, vehicle theft by 80 percent and truancy by 30 percent.

Hopkins Researchers Report Lack Of Education And Counseling For Patients Undergoing Gene Testing
Results of a nationwide survey of physicians and genetic counselors conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions show that most patients who underwent genetic testing for a gene linked with colon cancer did not receive adequate genetic counseling or give their written informed consent for the test

Aviation And Turbulence: FAA And NCAR Continue Investigations
The FAA and NCAR explore a new detection and warning system for Juneau, Alaska, and tackle remote sensing and forecasting problems.

Hopkins Scientists Identify Communications
Johns Hopkins researchers have identified a protein that helps biochemical

Congenital Glaucoma Gene Discovered
InSite Vision Incorporated and the University of Connecticut Health Center today announced the identification of the major gene responsible for primary congenital glaucoma.

Listening To Music Of Choice Lowers Stress In Out-Patient Eye-Surgery Patients
Older adults who listened to their choice of music during out-patient eye surgery had significantly lower heart rate, blood pressure and cardiac work load than patients who did not, a University at Buffalo study has shown. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to