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March 26, 1997
Would You Trust A Robot To Sort Chocolates?
A chocoholic Johns Hopkins graduate student working in a computer vision lab has figured out how a computer can tell the difference between the candies with the creamy middles and the bumpy chocolate-covered peanut clusters.

New Breast Cancer Procedure Gives Women New Hope, Say Henry Ford Surgeons
Henry Ford Health System surgeons are offering women with breast cancer a new surgical procedure that not only leaves women with less pain than traditional methods but also helps doctors determine, more accurately, if the breast cancer has spread

Study Shows Climb Up Corporate Ladder Often Stalled By Overseas Assignments
Executives who accept overseas postings face an even bigger challenge when they return home, according to a Simon Fraser University study involving the biggest U.S. multinational companies.

New Television Violence Analysis Suggests Public Service Announcements Ineffective
A study of 100 public service announcements produced by the U.S. cable television industry to reduce violence among adolescents indicates that the PSAs are unlikely to be effective because of poor design, researchers say

Chemists Compute Answers To The Origin Of Gout
University of Warwick researchers have uncovered some of the chemical secrets behind the painful illness of gout.

Key Policy Issues In Climate Change Debate Outlined By RFF Briefing Papers
Resources for the Future today releases the first in a series of briefing papers on key issues in the debate over global climate change.

SFU Research Helps Send Two Bear Poachers To Jail
Two bear poachers are in jail, thanks to Simon Fraser University forensic entomologist Gail Anderson's unique study of bugs.

ACTG Protocol 185 Enrollment Halted
Enrollment has been stopped in a clinical trial of mother to child HIV transmission, Pediatric ACTG Protocol 185, due to a welcome but unexpectedly low rate of infant infection which made comparison of the standard and experimental treatments impossible. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to