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April 18, 1997
Project Shows Native Bacteria Can Destroy Widespread Pollutant In Groundwater
Native bacteria can be used to destroy one of the most tenacious and widespread groundwater contaminants, Stanford researchers have shown.

'Quantum Dots:' The Finish Line In High-Speed Computing?
In the full-throttle quest to make smaller, faster and better computer chips, University of Wisconsin-Madison engineer Max Lagally is exploring what may be the final frontier: Building them one atom at a time

The Elusive Neutrino May Not Be Disappearing, But Simply Changing "Flavor"
The elusive neutrino seemingly appears and disappears at will, and it seems to be more wisp than substance.

'Critters On A Chip' Combines Electronics With Living Sensors
Researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed

Women With Low-Risk Pregnancies Receive Fewer Obstetrical Interventions When Cared For By Midwives, Compared To Women Attended By Physicians
Low-risk patients who choose nurse midwives for their obstetrical care have fewer Caesarean sections, receive less anesthesia, have a much lower rate of episiotomy and incur less expense, compared to similar women who choose physicians for their care.

Unusual Brogue Of Oracoke, N.C. Islanders Threatened With Extinction
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