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May 02, 1997
Teaching Older People New Skills Easier Than Previously Believed
The elderly can be taught new skills or enhance old ones more easily than previously believed, say University of Illinois researchers who adapted a learning technique used by U.S. and Israeli fighter pilots

Why The Heart Stops Pumping: Researchers Identify Cellular-Molecular Defect In Heart Failure
A silent defect in the pumping mechanism of the heart has been discovered by researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Little League Elbow Can Lead To Permanent Injury
Without simple but necessary precautions,

Novel Clockwork Controls Found
Dartmouth Medical School geneticists decoding the biological clocks that pace the daily activities of plants and animals have discovered new clues to what makes cells tick.

Adjusting To Climate Shift Better Than Following Typically Advocated Plans
In the face of global warming, the best strategy may be to keep a cool head and learn to adapt, says a researcher at the University of Illinois.

Scientists Trace Roots Of Protein That Keeps Antarctic Fish From Freezing
University of Illinois researchers have traced the evolution of the protein that keeps fish from freezing in the waters near Antarctica.

High-Tech Lab Teaching Low-Tech Skill -- How To Cross A Street Safely
The University of Illinois is teaching grade-schoolers how to cross the street - by having them experience computer- generated roadway scenes in a CAVE (TM), a virtual reality environment.

Method Eases Making Amino Acids Critical In Medicinal Chemistry
The synthesis of both left- and right-handed versions of alpha-, beta- and gamma-amino acids is the latest application of a chemical methodology developed at the University of Illinois

Parents Can Teach Best By Following Child's Lead During Play Time
Parents' observations and responses while playing with their baby can affect that child's development, says a University of Illinois professor

New Films May One Day Be Used To Repair Tissue, Keep Aircraft Ice-Free
University of Illinois scientists believe that a new class of miniature polymers that ultimately form films should prove useful in many applications, from the repair of human tissue to keeping aircraft wings ice-free

UB Physicists First To Demonstrate Critical Prerequisite In Quest For Quark/Gluon Plasma
Using what they term ³a poor man¹s technique,² University at Buffalo particle physicists have successfully demonstrated the most important prerequisite for producing the quark/gluon plasma, the ³soup² that existed for an instant following the Big Bang.

Teens Shop "Healthy", But Trust Label Claims Too Much
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Restoring Farm Land To Natural Wetlands Key To Stemming Flood
Some of the lessons learned from the catastrophic flood of the Upper Mississippi River in 1993 may be sinking in, according to a University of Illinois researcher

Parents' Unequal Treatment Of Children Not Necessarily Harmful
Siblings who understand why their parents sometimes treat them unequally are much more likely to accept the differential treatment, according to research at the University of Illinois is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to