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May 15, 1997
Portland Researchers Locate Genes Associated With A Predisposition To Physical Dependence On Alcohol
Oregon researchers led by Kari Buck, Ph.D., have mapped three gene regions in mice that influence susceptibility to physicial dependence on alcohol.

Munching Microbes Make A Meal Out Of Toxic Substances
When it comes to cleaning up the environment, the answer may be right under our feet.

Scientists Use Magnetic Field As Alternative To Space-Based Zero Gravity
Use of a magnetic field to levitate living specimens suggests a ground-based alternative to sending astronauts into space for expensive zero-gravity experiments.

Substance from Grapefruit Juice May Make Medications Safer
Grapefruit juice reduces the normal variations between individuals in the metabolism of many drugs to virtually the same level, researchers report.

First Circadian Clock Gene Identified And Cloned In Mammals
Scientists affiliated with the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Center for Biological Timing have identified and cloned a gene for the biological clock in a mouse, the first such gene to be identified at the molecular level in a mammal

Lighting Up The Lab: Structural Anomalies Make Many Materials Flash Under Pressure, New Study Shows
Just as wintergreen candy sparkles when crunched in a darkened room, many different crystalline materials can change shape and flash under pressure--if they lack symmetry or contain structural anomalies, researchers from Towson State University and the University of Delaware report in this month's Chemistry of Materials, scheduled for release May 15.

Duke researchers find existing drugs can stop fungus that attacks AIDS patients
Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have discovered that an existing class of drugs used to treat organ transplant recipients may also help fight a type of fungus that infects and often kills AIDS patients and other people with weakened immunesystems.

Very Large Array Detects Radio Emission From Gamma-Ray Burst
Astronomers have used the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescope to make the first detection of radio emission from a cosmic gamma-ray burst.

First Planned Release Of Captive Lemurs In Madagascar Wilds Expected In Fall
U.S.-bred black and white ruffed lemurs, descendants of animals originally removed from Madagascar to conserve their species, will be carefully returned to the wilds they never knew next fall in a first-ever restocking project

Inherited Kidney Disorder Traced To Arrested Development Of Membranes
In individuals with the inherited kidney disorder Alport syndrome, a crucial membrane steadily degrades, splitting and thinning until the vital organ fails.

Penn Researchers First To Link Differences In Brain Structure To Minor Depression In The Elderly
Minor depression in late life is often trivialized and left untreated, partly because scientists have not established a biological basis for the disorder. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to