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May 21, 1997
Daily stresses can trigger heart abnormalities during everyday life
Such common emotions as tension, frustration and sadness trigger frequent and painless heart abnormalities that can lead to permanent heart damage, a research team at Duke University Medical Center has concluded

First New Coronary Stent Since 1994 Could Saves Thousands From Heart Surgery In U.S.
Thousands of U.S. heart disease patients who might otherwise require heart bypass surgery can instead now receive a new, advanced coronary stent which for the first time allows cardiologists to nonsurgically treat blockages in many of the heart's small, severely curved blood vessels.

Everyday Technology Underlies First DNA Computer Logic Gates
A pair of scientists at the University of Rochester has built some of the first DNA computer 'hardware' ever: logic gates made of DNA.

Potato Famine Fungus Strikes Again Says June BioScience Journal
Dr. William Fry and Dr. Stephen Goodwin report that migrations of virulent and fungicide-resistant strains of the potato famine fungus have worsened a disease that was effectively managed for decades.

Racism In The 1990s: Psychological And Social Mechanisms Still Fuel Prejudice, UD Researcher Reports
Despite 1960s-era predictions of a color-blind society,

Columbia Physicist Builds Gamma-Ray Telescope To See An Invisible, Unexplored Universe
A NASA balloon will launch Columbia University's highly sensitive new Liquid Xenon Gamma Ray Imaging Telescope in early June to collect data on the temperatures, direction and speed of gamma-ray sources.

Purdue Researcher: News Accounts Of UFOs Affect Beliefs
With the lines between television news and entertainment blurring, people's beliefs in unidentified flying objects can easily be swayed by what they see on TV, says a Purdue University communication researcher

Teens With a Brand Preference Choose To Smoke, Drink More Often
Teens with a preference for a particular brand of cigarette or beer are using those substances more and are more likely to use them in the future, according to a study of more than 4,000 ninth- and 11th-grade students is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to