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May 30, 1997
Possible New Hominid Species May Be Oldest Known European
A group of Spanish researchers working with fossils from a Lower Pleistocene cave site in Atapuerca, Spain, say they've identified a new species of hominid.

New Type Of DNA-Free Inheritance In Yeast Is Spread By A "Mad Cow" Mechanism
Researchers at the University of Chicago's Howard Hughes Medical Institute have found that a protein molecule able to transmit a genetic trait without nucleic acid in yeast is able to string itself together into long fibers much like those found in the brain in

Making No Bones About How To Make Bone: Three Studies Identify Gene That Could Open Avenues To Osteoporosis Treatments And Tissue Engineering
In three studies to be published in the May 30 Cell, Harvard Medical School researchers and others report the discovery of a gene that is essential for forming bone, which may open avenues to osteoporosis treatment and tissue engineering

Penn Researchers Report Atomic Structure Of Antibiotic Vancomycin: Discovery May Prove Pivotal In Battle Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria
Often called the drug of last resort, the antibiotic vancomycin remains effective against most drug-resistant bacteria even when others fail.

Currently Recommended Folate Intake May Be Insufficient For Large Group Of People
A study of Irish women indicates that current dietary standards for the nutrient folate--known to prevent a devastating class of birth defects and possibly cardiovascular disease--do not take into account the increased folate requirements of a large minority of people genetically at risk for folate deficiency

Scientists Move Closer To Genetically Treating The Heart
Johns Hopkins cardiologists have developed a technique for efficiently delivering genes to virtually all the cells in the heart, moving prospects for gene therapy for heart diseases over an imposing barrier.

Researchers Discover First Lymphatic Vessel Growth Factor
An international group of scientists from Finland and from the Massachusetts General Hospital have found the first factor regulating growth of lymphatic vessels.

Do Jet Contrails Add Up To A Cloudy Climate Forecast?
Can wispy plumes of jet exhaust affect climate? With more than 62 million commercial and military flights weaving trails of jet exhaust across the skies above the United States each year, that's an emerging question on the radar screens of some climatologists.

New understanding of crab populations may not bring fishermen's delight
Populations, whether fish or people, can be even less predictable than the weather, according to an accurate new model created by researchers from the University of California, Davis, and University of Helsinki, Finland. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to