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June 02, 1997
Muscle Growth May Be Limited In The Elderly, New Research Suggests
Older people who begin to exercise following a period of inactivity may find that their muscle development isn't what it used to be.

New Software Robot Uses UW Technology To Make On-Line Shopping A Breeze
Frustrated Internet shoppers who are unable or unwilling to wade through a flood of World Wide Web sites to find what they're looking for soon can call on a computer software robot named Jango to help with their on-line shopping.

Ancient Stalactites Have A Tale To Tell
The stalactites and stalagmites of an Israeli cave have provided the only known continuous record of regional climate over the past 58,000 years.

Claragen Explores How Uteroglobin Can Prevent Neonatal Lung Disease
College Park, Md. -- June 2, 1997 -- ClaraGen Inc.

Researchers Use New Device To Control Zebra Mussels In Water Intake Pipes
Ohio University Researchers have invented a mechanical device that controls zebra mussels by lowering the oxygen level in water.

Bureau Of Missing Masses
An original solution to one of the most intriguing mysteries of astrophsics, the so-called

Computer Model Allows for Better Computer Communication For Industry
A new computer model designed by engineers at Ohio University could improve communication among computer software systems used in the manufacturing industry, cutting production time and costs for many companies.

Low Iron Levels Cause Weakness In Women Who Are Not Anemic
Young women with low body iron -- but who are not quite anemic -- must use more effort to do the same amount of physical work or exercise than women who are not iron- deficient, according to several new Cornell University studies

Genes That Control Early Heart Formation May Lead To New Therapies For Congenital And Adult Heart Disease
Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas have provided the first glimpses into the earliest events that control formation of the heart.

Researchers See Positive Results From Behavioral Program For Treating Alcoholism With Marital And Family Therapy
Harvard University Medical School's Counseling for Alcoholic Marriages Project (Project CALM), an intensive behavioral marital/family therapy program, has been found to be more effective for the treatment of alcoholism than individual alcohol counseling alone.

Mounting An Attack On Lupus
Treatment options for systemic lupus erythematosus may be expanded thanks to two studies conducted by researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Researchers Identify Cognitive Process That Contributes To Gambling Behavior
Psychological researchers have identified another thinking process that contributes to gambling behavior. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to