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June 06, 1997
Molecular Anchors Provide New Uses For Liquid Crystals
An elegantly simple method of

Above-Average Hurricane Season Forecast Stands; Colorado State's Gray Says Global Climate Factors Point To More Active Storm Era
Noted hurricane forecaster William Gray releases his prediction for hurricane activity in the Atlantic Basin.

Merging Physics And Neuroscience: First Evidence Of Self-Organized Criticality In Brain Networks
Researchers have found the first evidence that chemical activity within networks of brain cells displays behavior that is characteristic of self-organized criticality.

OHSU Scientist Makes Recommendations To Improve Expert Testimony In The Courtroom
Using the silicone breast implant controversy, J.T. Rosenbaum of Oregon Health Sciences University, offers suggestions to improve scientific testimony in the courtroom.He suggests the court appoint experts or empanel a group to advise the court

Federal Lab Confirms Newcastle Disease In Salton Sea Cormorants; Additional Tests Under Way To Determine Strain
A USGS laboratory has isolated Newcastle disease virus as the cause of recent deaths in a nesting colony of double-crested cormorants in southern California's Salton Sea.

Threats To Agriculture From Climate Change Addressed In RFF Issues Brief
While global warming may make the achievement of sustainable agricultural production more difficult, especially in developing countries, a bigger threat may come from more immediate concerns, such as lags in the spending on agricultural research needed for development of new technology, according to a new issues brief published by Resources for the Future.

Purdue-Made Soil Benefits The Environment
It's the environmental equivalent of turning a sow's ear into a silk purse--Purdue University researchers have developed a process for making topsoil from coal ash, yard waste and industrial byproducts.

Genetic Trickery Offers New Way to Target HIV
Scientists at the University of Rochester and UCLA have used a bit of duplicity to render human white blood cells resistant to HIV, using genetic engineering to fool the virus and disrupt its life cycle. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to