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July 29, 1997
Declaration On Human Genome And Human Rights
Paris, July 28 - A Draft Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights with guidelines on genetic research and practices was adopted by an inter-governmental committee at the end of a four-day meeting at UNESCO's Headquarters in Paris early Saturday.

Milk Extract May Heal Wounds And Smooth Wrinkles
Researchers in Australia have found that some of the chemicals found in milk may speed up the healing of wounds

EPA's Plant-Pesticide Policy Threatens To Stifle Development Of Pesticide Alternatives And International Trade
Members of an 11-society scientific consortium are concerned about the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed policy to regulate the traits in plants that make them resistant to pests.

Fighting Wheat Scab In New York State
Fusarium head blight, a plant disease also known as wheat scab, has taken aim at America's breadbasket and is now seriously threatening New York State's $30 million wheat- growing industry, according to Cornell plant pathologists.

Jefferson Scientists Discover Mechanism Of Viral Link To Disease Commonly Associated With Asbestos
Researchers at Jefferson Medical College have discovered how a monkey virus may lead to a rare cancer normally tied to asbestos exposure.

Deep In A Comet: Scientists See Signs Of Evaporating Ice Grains
Peering deep into the heart of comet Hyakutake, scientists have found evidence that small, evaporating ice particles in the tail and surrounding the nucleus are producing most of the cometary gases seen from Earth.

Scientists Discover Methane Ice Worms On Gulf Of Mexico Sea Floor
A team of university scientists using a mini research submarine on a NOAA-funded research cruise has discovered, photographed, and sampled what appears to be a new species of centipede-like worms living on and within mounds of methane ice on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, about 150 miles south of New Orleans.

Computer Models Of The Heart Can Help Cure Cardiac Ills
A highly detailed computer model developed by a Johns Hopkins engineer mimics the way a heart works -- down to the cellular level -- and can be used to mathematically is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to