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August 01, 1997
It's Easy To Reduce Chemical Exposure On Golf Courses, Experts Say
Clark Throssell, professor of agronomy at Purdue University, says golf courses are environmentally friendly, and golfers who are concerned about contact with the chemicals can take a few simple precautions to reduce exposure.

British Association Annual Festival Of Science
Food, sex and religion are just a few of the topics under the spotlight at the British Association Annual Festival of Science, from 7-12 September, at the University of Leeds.

An Olympic Legacy In The Sky: Heli-Star Demonstrated Potential For Vertical Flight In Urban Areas
The Centennial Olympic Games are quickly fading into history, but a research and development project conducted in Atlanta during last summer's games could have a long-term impact on improving transportation in crowded cities.

DNA Won't Carry Electrons Very Far
Hopes that DNA might be useful as a molecular wire are ill-founded, according to research by Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratory scientists, published today in Science magazine.

Scientists Uncover The Rhythm Of Life - And It's Fractal!
A mathematically predictable form known as a fractal can describe the activity of individual cells as well as complex physiological systems, report Drs.

New Research Suggests Method For Pre-Symptomatic Diagnosis Of Dementias
A research study at the National Institute on Aging suggests that a new method using brain scans may detect brain changes predictive of dementia before memory loss begins.

Coming Extinction Of One Of UK's Most Minuscule Plants Yields Information On Climate Change
One of the UK's most insignificant plants seems to about to become extinct in Britain but in its death throes it is providing researchers from the University of Warwick with important information about the pace of climate change in the UK.

First Salmonella Vaccine For Poultry To Be On The Market Soon
A biologist at Washington University in St. Louis has developed a live vaccine that should greatly decrease the incidences of food poisoning and deaths in humans infected by salmonella bacteria.

The American Phytopathological Society Announces 1997 Awards
The American Phytopathological Society announces its 1997 award recipients. These awards will be presented at the 1997 APS Annual Meeting, August 9-13, in Rochester, New York.

Resistance To Leptin Contributes To Obesity
Insensitivity to the protein leptin, which helps regulate fat stores, contributes to obesity in mice according to the first formal study of leptin intolerance, report scientists in the Aug.

Febs Lecture Course On "Lipid Signals"
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