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August 04, 1997
Motor Memory: Skills Slip Most Easily In First Hours After Learning
The first six hours after a motor skill such as riding a bicycle is learned is a window of vulnerability during which time the skill can be impaired or lost.

Yale Breakthrough In Destroying Drug-Resistant Bacteria Focuses On Thwarting Genes That Cause Resistance
New Haven, CT - Yale University biologists for the first time have succeeded in preventing the expression of genes that make bacteria resistant to two widely used antibiotics -- chloramphenical and ampicillin -- thus restoring the bacteria's sensitivity to the antibiotics in laboratory cultures.

Gene Shears In Cutting Edge Anti-Aids Trial
CSIRO's revolutionary

Anthropologist Offers New Solution To Fabled Route Of Spanish Explorer Hernando De Soto
A new book tracing the expedition of Hernando De Soto has for the first time tied the famed explorer's route to recent and emerging archaeological discoveries.

UW Smogmobile Offers Cleaner, Safer Alternative To Gas Or Electric Cars
University of Washington engineers have developed the first- ever liquid nitrogen vehicle, which is cleaner and safer to operate than gas or electric cars.

Federal Regulations Led To Better Elder Care, Lower Hospitalization Rate
After a government mandate for better assessment of nursing home residents, the hospitalization rate among the frailest inhabitants dropped 28 percent without increased mortality, according to a government-financed study led by a Brown University researcher.

GRE Fails To Predict Grad School Success
A Cornell/Yale study finds Graduate Record Examination (GRE) fails to predict success or failure in graduate school for psychology and probably other fields as well.

Stress From Plate Collisions Travels Through Continents, Says U-M Geologist.
When continental plates come together to form mountain ranges, the impact from the collision bends microscopic grains in rocks more than 1,200 miles away, according to an article published in the Aug.

AMS Launches Statewide Initiative To Focus Doctors On End-Of-Life Care
The Associated Medical Schools of New York (AMS) comprised of the 14 medical schools in the State of New York, announced a new initiative to focus the medical community on end-of-life care. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to