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August 19, 1997
Harvard Medical School Researchers Identify A New Family Of Candidate Pheromone Receptors
Harvard Medical School researchers have identified a multigene family that codes for about 140 candidate pheromone receptors expressed by the other group of sensory neurons in the vomeronasal organ.

NSF Awards Recognize Comprehensive Reform Of Undergraduate Education
UC-Irvine leaders have decided that their existing mathematics and science curriculums are no longer adequate to prepare students to meet the needs of modern society.

Sexual Assault Victims Don't Have Trouble Perceiving Danger Cues
Researchers have long known that women who have been sexually victimized in the past are at increased risk for sexual assault in the future.

NIH Leads International Group That Identifies Gene For Familial Mediterranean Fever: Mutations Date Back To Biblical Times
Researchers have for the first time identified the gene for familial Mediterranean fever and found mutations that cause this inherited rheumatic disease.

Preventing Perinatal Infections -- For Pennies
In a study of nearly 7,000 pregnant women, cleansing the birth canal with an inexpensive antiseptic solution dramatically reduced post-birth infections, hospitalizations and deaths, according to a study supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

A 'CAT Scan' Of Mount Rainier Detects Quake Hazards
University of Washington researchers have made the first detailed study of the possible trigger for a massive landslide on Mount Rainier: a large earthquake centered in the volcano's backyard.The study, the first three-dimensional look into the interior of the volcano and its surroundings, leads UW research scientist Seth Moran to speculate that a potential earthquake hazard exists in the southeastern corner of Mount Rainier.

Buckyballs Fight Nerve Damage
Researchers have discovered a new way of protecting nerve cells from many different types of damage.

UF Researchers Build A Runway As A Landing Zone For Lightning Bolts
After designing and building their own runway, equipped with typical lighting, signs and surface area, University of Florida engineers now plan to wreak electrical havoc on their new creation by causing lightning to strike it.

Acquiring Herpes Late In Pregnancy Brings Special Dangers To The Newborn
While there is never a good time to acquire a herpes infection, contracting the virus late in pregnancy can prove catastrophic for the newborn child, with a high risk of severe brain damage or death from neonatal herpes.

Wild Plant Genes Increase Food Production
With a burgeoning world population and fewer places to grow food, Cornell University scientists have begun to locate high-production genes from wild plants to put into domesticated, edible crop plants -- thus boosting food production worldwide, according to their report in the Aug.

New Microchip Could Mean Improvements In Auto Industry
A specialized microchip developed at Simon Fraser University could improve the way air bags deploy in crashes, calculate the punishment runners inflict on their knees, even build a better computer mouse. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to