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August 28, 1997
Scientist Identify Proteins That Regulate Cell Divison
Researchers have discovered how key molecules interact in the major pathway regulating cell division.

New Electrical Abnormality Found In Heartbeat Of Heart Failure Patients
Some heart failure patients have an electrical abnormality that prevents the heart from recovering normally after each beat, Johns Hopkins physicians have discovered.

A New Biochemical Link Established Between Stress, Sex And Dominance
In a study published Aug. 15 in the Journal of Neuroscience, a Stanford research team has shown that continuous high levels of a stress hormone, cortisol, work to prevent most males of the tropical fish species called cichlids from developing the bright, warlike colors, the extra muscles and the fully mature sex organs of a dominant

Electric Cars Could Be Power Source Of The Future, UD Researchers Say In New Study
Zero-emission vehicles, as mandated in California, New York and Massachusetts have the potential to replace large central utilities as the major source of power generation in the U.S., a University of Delaware research scientist writes in a recent issue of Transportation Research.

Lowering The Temperature On The SOx NOx Rox Box
Penn State researchers have bench and pilot tested a low temperature nitrogen oxide reduction catalyst with an eye to eventual use in small production boiler systems.

Jefferson Scientists Find Potential Deadly Effects Of Two Missing Cancer-Suppressor Genes
Cancer geneticists at Thomas Jefferson University have found that two genes that normally prevent cancer may play a greater role than previously suspected in female development.

Camera And E-Mail Cut Costs Of Catching Early Eye Disease
Johns Hopkins researchers are establishing a screening service that uses an automated camera to identify diabetics with a potentially blinding eye disease long before they sustain permanent damage and lose vision.

Optimizing Earthquake Mitigation Strategies
A Stanford doctoral student has developed a holistic approach to evalutate different earthquake mitigation strategies.

Evidence Discovered Of New Subnuclear Particle
Evidence of an exotic meson -- a new subnuclear particle, has been discovered by a team of physicists for the University of Notre Dame and six other institutions. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to