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September 18, 1997
Recidivism Rates Drop 21 Percent For Juveniles In Family Solutions Project
A program that combines first-time juvenile offenders, their parents and siblings with counselors has shown a 21 percent decrease in recidivism rates when compared with juveniles who didn't complete the program.

Zebra Mussels Are Spreading Rapidly, USGS Reports
Zebra mussels expanded their range in the past year, invading 11 new lakes in the Great Lakes region and dramatically increasing in Lake Champlain, according to U.S.

Parenting Course Helps Young Fathers Say 'It's My Child, Too'
Young fathers, barely more than children themselves, are learning how to be good dads thanks to a Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service class on fathering called

UGA Researchers In Midst Of Largest Study Of Mediator Skills Ever Conducted
University of Georgia professors will present results from the first two years of a four-year study on mediation skills at this weekend's American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy annual meeting in Atlanta.

Professor Explores The 'Talk Of Therapy'
What's occurring at the

Wonder Thread: UD Scientists Report First Protein With Collagen And Elastin-Like Domains
Five times tougher and 16 times more extensible than a human tendon, the leathery, yet amazingly stretchy collagen threads produced by marine mussels might someday suggest strategies for developing better artificial skin and other biomimetic materials, say University of Delaware researchers whose work appears in the Sept.

Archaeologists Identify Oldest Existing Mound Complex In New World
The earliest existing mound complex built by humans in the new world has been identified in Louisiana by a team of archaeologists and researchers from around the United States.

OHSU Scientists Discover Mice Lacking Dopamine Receptor Are Supersensitive To Alcohol, Cocaine And Methamphetamine
Scientists at Oregon Health Sciences University have discovered that mice lacking a certain brain cell receptor for the chemical messenger dopamine are supersensitive to alcohol, cocaine and methamphetamine.

Search For Counterparts, Spectral Features, And Clues Highlight 2nd Day Of 4th Huntsville Gamma Ray Burst Symposium
The frenzied search for counterparts to gamma-ray bursts, the search for spectral features, and other clues to this most baffling of scientific mysteries highlight the second day's science results at the 4th Huntsville Gamma Ray Burst Symposium in Huntsville Alabama, sponsored in part by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

Training Program Turns Tables On Therapists: Clients Offer Insight On Therapists' Skills
A program developed by a University of Georgia professor allows counseling clients to

New Genome Project Hits WWW
Once pseudomonas aeruginosa lodges in the lungs of CF patients, it stays.

Nonbiological Molecule May Hold Clues To Protein Folding
University of Illinois chemists have synthesized a nonbiological molecule that self-assembles into a structure similar to that found in living matter.

New Description Of Protein May Be Basis For Regulating Cholesterol
Scientists have described the three-dimensional structure and inner workings of a protein that synthesizes a naturally occurring class of complex compounds, one of which is cholesterol. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to