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October 02, 1997
Stress Of Caring For Older And Ill Relatives Can Lead To Serious Depression Or Resentment For Caregivers
A University of Georgia psychologist has developed a new model that can help predict whether those caring for ill, older relatives will suffer from depression or resentment

Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders Linked To Teen Parenthood
Young people with early-onset mental illnesses--such as depression, anxiety disorders, and conduct disorders--are more likely to have children in their teenage years, according to a new study by a team of researchers at Harvard Medical School and other institutions.

St. John's Wort Study Launched
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is launching the first U.S. clinical trial of St.

New Cell Pathway For Triggering Immune System Response Discovered
New cancer treatments could result from the discovery reported today in Science of a pathway in blood cells through which signals triggering the immune system response may be transmitted from the lymphocyte cell surface to its nucleus.

Epilepsy Research Advance Reported At Jackson Laboratory
Researchers at The Jackson Laboratory report in Cell the development of the first genetic model to exhibit both absence and convulsive seizures.

New Process Coats Computer Hard Drives With Diamond Armor
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab researchers have devised a method of magnetically filtering plasmas produced by cathodic-arc deposition, allowing the deposition of 85% diamond-like carbon films less than 10 nanometers thick.

New Study Suggests That Capuchin Monkeys Depend On Growth And Size -- Not Just Learning -- For Successful Foraging
New research by scientists, including one at the University of Georgia, shows that self-sufficiency in foraging among capuchins arrives long after they have sufficient manual skills to achieve it.

$12 Million CU Instrument Package Headed For Saturn On Cassini Mission
A $12 million instrument package designed and built by the University of Colorado at Boulder for the Cassini Mission to Saturn will be used to probe the planet's spectacular ring system, bizarre moons and atmospheric gases.

OHSU Researchers Discover Host Site, Activation Mechanism For Virus That Causes Birth Defects And Deaths Following Transplant
Researchers at Oregon Health Sciences University, reporting in the October 3 Cell Magazine, have determined the host site and activiation mechanism for human cytomegalovirus (HCMV).

Illinois To Study Biological, Artificial Intelligence Under New NSF Program
A team of University of Illinois researchers has received a $775,000 grant from the National Science Foundation as part of a nationwide $22.5 million initiative to probe how learning works in humans, animals and artificial systems.

Immunotherapeutic Approach For Treating Metastatic Tumors Reported In Science
The paper, entitled

Two New Studies Suggest That Caloric Restriction In Monkeys May Extend Their Life And Health
Two recent animal studies offer a possible explanation for how caloric restriciton might possibly enhance human health and help extend life as well.

Book For Parents On Choosing Quality Child Care
To help parents make sensible and trustworthy choices in the potentially overwhelming world of child care options, Cornell University Professor Moncrieff Cochran and wife, Eva Cochran have co-authored a new handbook that gives parents the tools to collect and assess information on child care.

Older Adults Often Have Trouble With Automatic-Teller Machines; Banks May Need To Provide Help, New Study Says
A new study by a psychologist at the University of Georgia shows that banks may be losing the elderly as ATM customers and that education and machine redesign could be the best hope for bringing them back. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to