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October 13, 1997
Risk For Stroke Increases With Heart Disease, Low "Good" Cholesterol, But Normal "Bad" Cholesterol
If your blood levels of

Knowledge Of Stroke Lacking, Even Among Patient Survivors
Even people who have had a stroke don't always know the signs, symptoms and risk factors relating to their

Wake Forest Scientists Find Way To Short-Circuit Initial HIV Invasion
Scientists at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center report today that they have found another way to shut down the doorway for HIV-1 to invade two types of white blood cells --lymphocytes and macrophages

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Report Encouraging Preliminary Data From Phase II Clinical Study With HIV Protease Inhibitor 141W94
Vertex will report preliminary 12 week data of treatment from an ongoing Phase II study of 141W94 (VX-478), an HIV protease inhibitor.

Evidence For A Radio-Like Mechanism In The Brain Found At The Weizmann Institute
Weizmann Institute scientists have found evidence that when the brain interprets input obtained through touch, it uses a mechanism remarkably similar to that of an FM radio.

Therapeutic Effects Of Garlic Clarified At Weizmann
Researchers at Weizmann have uncovered a molecular mechanism which may be the basis for some of garlic's therapeutic effects, particularly its ability to fight infection and prevent heart disease. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to