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October 16, 1997
Many Medical Screening Tests May Be Unnecessary.
Doctors can face an ethical dilemma when patients request screening tests - such as those for breast cancer and prostate cancer - that may be ill-advised under certain circumstances.

Japan Seeks Guidance From UF Organ Recovery Experts
As Japan on Thursday legalizes organ transplants from brain- dead donors, officials are turning to the University of Florida for guidance as they struggle to educate their citizens -- many of whom believe death occurs only once the heart stops beating.

Unique Interactive Health Kiosks Distributed In Michigan
The University of Michigan's Comprehensive Cancer Center is launching a statewide network of interactive computer kiosks to link residents with up-to-date health information.

3-D Computer Display Brings Precision To Burn Assessment
An easy-to-use, 3-D, computer graphics program -- to be presented October 16th at the American College of Surgeons' Clinical Conference in Chicago -- is bringing a new level of accuracy, consistency and standardization to the evaluation of burn patients, resulting in more precise treatment plans and evaluation of new therapies.

Less Noise At Home Makes For Better-Adjusted Kids
Parents wanting to help their children adjust to life's stresses may want to turn down the noise in their home, says a Purdue University professor of psychological sciences.

Progressive Brain Changes Detected In Childhood Onset Schizophrenia
Evidence of progressive abnormal brain development in schizophrenia has emerged from the first longitudinal brain imaging study ever conducted in adolescents for any illness.

The Miami Nature Biotechnology Winter Symposia
The 30th Anniversary Miami Winter Symposia --

Yale Cancer Center Creates Laboratory For Earlier Detection Of Breast Cancer
A specialized research laboratory dedicated to earlier diagnosis of breast cancer has been established at the Yale Cancer Center.

Scientists Solve Active Site Of Structure Of Enzyme That Produces Nitric Oxide
Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute, along with colleagues at the Cleveland Clinic, have solved the structure of the active site of the enzyme that regulates the activity of nitric oxide, or NO.

Students Cite Media As Greatest Source Of Exposure To Violence
A questionnaire answered by students at a Baltimore County high school shows that nearly 10 percent of them have received psychological help to deal with difficulties related to exposure to violence in one or more of the three major areas of their lives: the media, their home and/or community, and school.

Keys To Predicting Climate: Monsoons, Hippos And A Wet Stone Age Sahel
University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists are a step closer to solving a climatological riddle of the early Stone Age when, in what is now North African desert, hippos and crocodiles abounded, Neolithic fishermen thrived on the shores of numerous shallow lakes, and grasslands stretched to the horizon. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to