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October 20, 1997
Yale Study Takes A New Look At Links Between Menopause And Mood Disorders
As the number of women who are experiencing menopause triples, the demand for more effective treatment of symptoms such as mood changes is also expected to increase.

Small Molecule Blocks Cell-Surface Receptor Needed For HIV-1 Infection Of T Cells: New Generation Of Combination Therapies Suggested
Last year, scientists discovered several new receptors on the surface of immune-system cells that are required -- along with the long-known CD4 receptor -- for HIV-1 to enter and infect those cells.

NCAR Research Turns Commercial Aircraft Into Turbulence Sensors
National Center for Atmospheric Research scientists are turning commercial aircraft into in-flight

UPMC Health System Cardiologists Study New Treatment For Atrial Fibrillation
Cardiologists at UPMC Health System are using radiofrequency catheter ablation to treat atrial fibrillation.

Molecular Inner Workings Of Rare Epilepsy May Shed Light On Other Brain Disorders, According To Penn Scientists
A rare form of epilepsy, often misdiagnosed as nightmares, could help neuroscientists better understand a host of nervous-system disorders.

New Database Pointing Way To Locating Gold, Silver Deposits
A new database of maps covering a massive area in three western states may help geologists locate concentrations of five different metals, including gold and silver.

UC Geologist "Flip-Flops" On Understanding Of Crinoid Life Style
Modern day crinoids such as sea stars live on the sea floor, often in dense mats.

Book From The New York Botanical Garden Focuses On Threats To Indonesia's Forest Riches
What is the world giving up when the tropical rain forests are destroyed?

Conference On Risk Measurement For Financial Services
The Society of Actuaries will sponsor an international conference on risk measurement Dec.

Geologist Finds Hidden Patterns Of Diversification In Ordovician Radiation
University of Cincinnati geology professor Arnold Miller has found that the overall pattern of global diversity during the Ordovician radiation bears little resemblance to the local patterns of diversification.

Dinosaur Footprints Trek Across The Southwest
The ghosts of dinosaurs still wander the vast open spaces of the American Southwest, as suggested by their fossilized footprints, a Penn State paleontologist said today (Oct.

State Officials Fear Imported Animals Might Introduce Deadly Tick-Borne Livestock Disease
A University of Florida professor and the state veterinarian say large African tortoise ticks found on imported reptiles in Florida could carry and spread heartwater, an exotic disease that kills livestock and wildlife. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to