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October 22, 1997
Video Monitoring Can Improve Hospital Emergency Care
Videotapes showing anesthesiologists intubating the airway of severely injured patients to enable them to breathe revealed a number of performance deficiencies not captured in written reports by doctors after the fact.

Prof Uses Media To Help Explain Macroeconomics
Simon Fraser University economist Peter Kennedy turned to journalism for help when he decided to write a radically different kind of textbook which would explain the mysteries of macroeconomics to new students.

Geologist Finds Evidence Supporting Mysterious Ancient Sea
University of Cincinnati geologist Warren Huff and his collaborators have evidence from ancient volcanic ash beds which supports the notion of an ancient Iapetus Ocean.

University Of Maryland Medical Center Performs First Atrial Defibrillation Implant In Mid-Atlantic Region
Doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Center have performed the first implantation in the mid-Atlantic region of a new device to shock a rapidly beating heart back into normal rhythm.

Insects Provide Clues About Bodies Underwater
Simon Fraser University researcher Niki Macdonell says the eight rotting pig carcasses she'll pull from streams and lakes in local forests next month hold important clues to deaths that occur in freshwater.

Drivers Learn To Rely On Peripheral Vision When Monitoring In-Car Devices
As cars are equipped with more in-dash devices, safety becomes an issue when drivers have to look away from the road ahead.

Oral Vaccine Protects Infants From Severe Rotavirus Diarrhea
An oral vaccine against rotavirus -- the most important cause of life-threatening diarrhea in children under age 2 -- reduced severe diarrheal illness by 88 percent in a study of more than 2,000 infants in Venezuela.

Chemotherapy Testing Device
Vanderbilt University Medical Center investigators are testing a device that measures leukemia patient's individual responses to chemotherapy drugs - a technique that could one day help physicians devise more targeted treatment plans.

Seniors With Depression Get Lower Quality Managed Care
Older patients with depression enrolled in health maintenance organizations (HMOs) receive fewer visits with mental health professionals and are more likely to be given tranquilizers rather than antidepressant medication, researchers report.

Penn Researchers Discover Use Of Electronic 'Nose'
A revolutionary, non-invasive method to detect infection with an electronic

War Game Simulation Is Modified To Help With Disaster Management
Responding to disasters such as hurricanes takes a significant commitment of people and resources.

Discovery Suggests New Method To Halt Inflammatory And Autoimmune Diseases
A steroid produced in the adrenal glands can halt production of a molecule integral to inflammatory and autoimmune afflictions such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas report.

Pitt Study Questions The Role Of Homocysteine In Heart Disease
University of Pittsburgh researchers found no difference in homocysteine levels between men who suffered heart attacks and men who had not experienced heart attacks or stroke.

'Bathtub' Equation Aids Diabetes Research
Simon Fraser University kinesiologist Diane Finegood says simple mathematical modelling techniques -- such as those used to explain how bathtubs operate -- are providing new insights into diabetes research.

Columbia Scientists, In Nature Article, Dispute Finding That Aug. 16 Event Was Russian Nuclear Test
Two Columbia University seismologists have concluded that a seismic event north of mainland Russia was an earthquake, not a nuclear test.

Bringing Girls Into Science Fields Goal Of Virginia Tech Project
A team of Virginia Tech scientists will be recruiting teachers and middle school girls in five Southwest Virginia counties to take part in an innovative program to increase the representation of females in the sciences.

Hot Peppers And High Heat Pack Same Punch: Scientists Identify And Clone The Pain-Inducing Protein Set Off By Both Stimuli
After years of searching, scientists have discovered and cloned the gene for a protein that surprisingly initiates the scorching pain felt from touching an over-heated curling iron or from chomping a chili pepper.

Failing Heart Cells Revived With Gene Therapy
Using a type of

Airline Pilots With Drunk Driving Convictions Are More Likely To Have Accidents
This paper gives conclusive evidence that random preflight alcohol testing of pilots is not as effective as looking into the pilot's drunk driving record.

Pilots Who Rely Too Much On Automation May Not Detect Malfunctions
The authors looked into airplane accidents caused by automation failure and what the human pilot can do to avoid future disasters.

University Of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center Researchers Link Gene To Endometrial Cancer
Researchers at the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center have identified a link between the gene PTEN, and endometrial cancer.

Predicting Accident Times On The Job
Fluctuations in people's job performance have been documented for many years.

Mathematicians Combine To Solve Practical Problems
A new Western-based organization is bringing mathematicians out of the ivory tower to help solve problems that affect daily lives.

NSF Effort To Increase Access To The Web By People With Disabilities
The National Science Foundation, with cooperation from the Department of Education's National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research, has made a three-year, $952,856 award to the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Accessibility Initiative to ensure information on the Web is more widely accessible to people with disabilities.

Whitehead Symposium 1997 Tackles Infectious Diseasea Press Invitation --A Press Invitation
At the fifteenth annual Whitehead Symposium, nearly two dozen of the world's leading experts on infectious diseases will join keynote speakers Dr.

Attending Religious Services Linked To Better Health
Going to church may be as good for the body as it is for the soul, especially for the elderly.

Action TB: Tackling Multidrug Resistance
Today the World Health Organisation presented global data showing

Duke Conference: Healing The Body Via The Mind And Spirit
A group of clinicians at Duke University Medical Center is concerned that the doctor's primary function has become to extend human life rather than to relieve human suffering. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to