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November 20, 1997
Older Moms Have Favorite Children And Admit It
Cornell University gerontologist finds that 80 percent of older moms have favorite children and most children think -- wrongly -- that they are it.

MGH Team Identifies New Immune Activity That May Control HIV Levels
Researchers have identified an activity by the human immune system that seems to suppress replication of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Shuttle Experiment To Shed Light On Future Of Electronics Miniaturization
After 20 years of exploring the esoteric nature of liquid helium when it is cooled to ultra-low temperatures in zero gravity, physicist John Lipa suddenly finds that his work could have important ramifications for the miniaturization in the microelectronics industry.

Students With Drinking Problems Think They Can't Cope, UF Research Shows
Does a person's perception of his ability to cope play a role in problem drinking?

Virginia Tech Engineers Honored For Contributions To "Quality Of Life For Society"
Virginia Tech electrical engineering professors Saifur Rahman and Theodore S.

Specifically Targeting HIV-Infected Cells: A New Gene-Therapy Approach
Researchers report a novel gene-therapy strategy to specifically target cells infected with HIV for attack.

Duke Engineers Seeking To Make 'Smarter' Land Mine Detectors
New techniques for analyzing signals from the kinds of land mine detectors now in use could for the first time enable mine removal teams to discriminate real mines from other buried clutter, according to Duke University electrical engineers developing the techniques.

Carnegie Mellon Receives $1.5 Million From Lockheed Martin To Develop Mobile, Wearable Computer Systems For Aircraft Maintenance And Repair
Carnegie Mellon University researchers have received $1.5 million from Lockheed Martin Information Systems to help develop mobile, wearable computer systems giving U.S.

Purdue Researchers Track Oil Spill's Effects On Sea Otters
Studies on the health of sea otters in Alaska are helping scientists understand how an ecosystem responds to an environmental disaster.

Researchers Propose Alternative Fusion Reactor To Power The Future
Writing in science, researchers at UC Irvine, University of Florida say their reactor would be highly efficient, environmentally safe.

Student Discovery Sparks Worldwide Attention
A university student working with CSIRO has discovered a completely new kind of quasar. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to