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November 21, 1997
Dystonia Linked To Specific Brain Defect
Three separate observations have spawned a new idea about dystonia, a brain disorder that makes muscles contract and go into spasms.

Intralase Will Develop Laser Systems For Eye Surgery
A new University of Michigan spin-off company---IntraLase Corporation---will develop and market a new generation of lasers for high-precision medical applications.

Marine Corps' First CRADA Goes To New PSU Institute
The U.S. Marine Corps announced today (Nov. 21) that it has entered into a landmark cooperative agreement with the Pennsylvania State University for the research of innovative ideas, technologies and policies in support of non-lethal defense options.

World Fisheries At Maximum Capacity, Scientists Warn
In a compendium of more than 25 peer-reviewed papers published this month by the American Fisheries Society, biologists and managers warn that new management schemes are needed to prevent the world's fisheries, which are already considered either fully or heavily exploited, from collapsing.

Shake, Rattle And Hum - Measuring Vibrations On Board The Shuttle
If you happened to watch the crew of Space Shuttle Columbia exercising this morning, you probably would not have noticed that they were also road testing a new set of shock absorbers on their bicycle ergometer.

Sandia Creates Microtransmission; Vastly Increases Power Of Microengine
A microtransmission the size of a grain of sand has been fabricated at Sandia National Laboratories.

Optimizing Working Memory: Effects Of Dopamine-Like Drug Enhances Short-Term Memory, Up To A Point
Studies have demonstrated a role for dopamine in orchestrating short-term memory.

'Muscle Dysmorphia' -- Bodybuilding Gone Amuck
An international team of researchers has identified a new, '90s-style psychiatric disorder they say may be afflicting a substantial number of people -- bodybuilders in top physical shape who are chronically worried that they look puny.

Stress Lowers Sperm Count By Overwhelming Cells That Make Testosterone
Why does stress lower a man's sperm count? Population Council researchers report that stress hormones overpower the enzymes that ensure that cells in the testes produce the testosterone necessary to begin sperm formation.

Max-Planck Researchers Unravel The Structure Of The Methane Forming Enzyme
A team of the Max Planck Institutes from Frankfurt and Marburg has recently determined the structure of methyl- coenzyme M reductase, a key enzyme of methanogenesis that catalyzes a highly complex chemical reaction namely the reduction of a thioether to a hydrocarbon.

How Little Gray Cells Process Sound: They're Really A Series Of Computers
Hearing is far more complicated than once imagined. But neuroscientists are beginning to unravel the ways operate as tiny computers to help humans and creatures such as bats, birds and gerbils distinguish what a sound is and where it is coming from.

Vietnam Combat Linked To Many Diseases 20 Years Later
Veterans of heavy combat in Vietnam who were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder are significantly more likely to have a host of both chronic and infectious diseases as long as 20 years later, a medical researcher found after studying the medical histories of 1,399 veterans.

Compound Accelerates Fruit Ripening, Slows Softening After Harvest
University of Wisconsin-Madison horticulturists have identified a compound that causes fruit to ripen more quickly and last longer on grocers' shelves and in our refrigerators.

Colorado State Scientists Tackle Genetic Makeup Of Obscure Bacteria
A pair of researchers at Colorado State University have begun two separate $1 million studies on what causes a bacteria found in soil, water and air to mysteriously single out AIDS patients as hosts for disease.

Seeing The Forest For The Trees: USMP-4 Science Research On Flight Day 1
If your car engine hasn't overheated, you can give some thanks to a team of scientists who are growing tree-like crystals aboard the Space Shuttle this week. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to