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December 01, 1997
Four-Year, Nationwide Study Sharp Race andGender Differences in Incidence of ''AcademicDisidentification'
African American boys, compared with Whites, Hispanics and African American girls, are

Numeracy A Problem For Women Making Decisions On Mammography
No matter how the information is presented, poor skills in numerical concepts and basic probability may prevent women from accurately assessing their benefit from mammography screening, according to a study in the current Annals of Internal Medicine.

Virginia Tech Researchers Part Of National Earthquake Damage-Reduction Team
Virginia Tech researchers are part of the National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research that has received a five- year, $10 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study the application of advanced and emerging technologies to minimize earthquake damage and losses in the U.S.

3-D Imaging May Cut Unnecessary Breast Biopsies
Digital technology that can be adapted to create 3-D images of the breast may help reduce the number of surgical biopsies required by enabling physicians to rule out breast cancer in women with suspicious looking mammograms, according to researchers at Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University.

Snapshot From Space...New Satellite Map Of Chesapeake Bay To Aid Management Efforts
A poster produced from satellite images of the Chesapeake Bay watershed will aid a multi-state effort to restore and manage the Bay's resources, according to the U.S.

Lightning Imaging Sensor Launched
Folklore has it that rain follows lightning. Scientists think there might be more than a little truth to that saying.

Illustrated Companion To Gleason And Cronquist's Manual Soon To Be Available From The New York Botanical Gardens
Four years in the making, the Illustrated Companion To Gleason And Cronquist' Manual will be published next January by The New York Botanical Garden.

Cervical Cancer - Putting Anti-Viral White Blood Cells To Work
In about 30% of women with an early, preinvasive form of cervical cancer the precancerous cells are cleared from the body without any treatment, suggesting that the immune system is at work.

Monoclonal Antibodies - The Gentle Cure For Cancer?
Monoclonal antibodies have been used to try to target drugs and radiation to tumours. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to