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December 03, 1997
Strange South American Fossil Mammals Found In Madagascar And India
A strange group of fossil mammals, heretofore only known in South America, has been discovered on the island of Madagascar and in India.

3D Visualization Software To Help With Information Overload
Starlight, an advanced three-dimensional visualization technology, has been developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Wash., to help solve the problem of information overload.

Virginia Tech Students Receive $250,000 Fuel Cell From DOE For The 1998-99 Futurecar Challenge
As participants in the 1998-99 FutureCar Challenge, Virginia Tech engineering students will receive a hydrogen-powered fuel cell worth $250,000 from the U.S.

90% Leukemia Cure Rate Said Possible As International Meeting Of Research Leaders Convenes
A pediatric leukemia cure rate of 90 percent should be possible early next century according to researchers at St.

Draft Of Video Standard Includes University Of Rochester Animation Technology
Computer experts recently agreed on the final draft of MPEG- 4, a potential new multimedia standard that brings together and standardizes audio, video, and animation technology from about 25 companies and universities around the world for applications like the Web, television, and digital video disks.

Researchers Suggest Using Shock Waves As Inexpensive Method To Detect Plastic Land Mines
An accurate and inexpensive detection method effective for land mines in either plastic or metal casings may be on the horizon as the result of computer simulations conducted by researchers at the University at Buffalo.

Gamma Knife May Replace Surgery For Parkinson's Disease
Researchers at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University and Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, are sidestepping surgery and using a device to deliver high doses of tissue-destroying radiation to tiny targets deep within the brain in the hopes of alleviating the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

It'll Move You: New Research Shows That Sensory Experience Alters The Development Of Brain Areas That Control Movement
New animal research shows that sensory deprivation not only influences the sensory brain areas, but surprisingly also stifles the development and organization of areas involved in the control of voluntary movement.

Folic Acid Fortification Effective In Cereal Grains
BETHESDA--The addition of folic acid to cereal grain products, required January 1, 1998, by the U.S.

Shape Changes In Ceramic Particles: A Paradox Explained
Equations that predict what will happen when compact ceramic powders are sintered -- heated just short of melting, until they coalesce -- assume the particles are spherical.

Benefits Of Annual Mammography Outweigh Radiation Risks Of Cancer
Annual mammography screening beginning at age 40 is safe and highly effective in reducing breast cancer deaths.

Yale Study Looks At Ways To Identify And Prevent Occupational Asthma In Workers At Autobody Paint Shops
Researchers at Yale University School of Medicine have launched a study to determine how commonly used chemicals in autobody paint shops may cause or aggravate asthma.

Astrophysicists Solve Mystery Of Gas Flow From Sunspots
One of the classic problems of solar physics has been solved, and the solution turns out to be a model of solar gas flow first proposed by a University of Rochester astrophysicist in 1988.

Space Shuttle Furnace Bats Triple Header: Mephisto Data Will Help Refine Manufacturing Processes
MEPHISTO, an instrument on board the current Space Shuttle flight, is a dual furnace carrying a total of three samples of bismuth alloyed with a trace of tin.

Estrogen Linked To Sperm Count, Male Fertility
Testosterone may be the hormone that makes the man, but it is estrogen ­ the so-called ³female² hormone ­ that gives sperm its reproductive punch, a team of researchers report in Thursday¹s (Dec.

USMP-4 Closes With A Bit Of Astrophysics - Mission Prepares To Return Home
Most experiments on board the Shuttle are shutting down in preparation for landing early Friday morning.

Understanding B Cells - To React Or Not To React
XLA is a rare hereditary disease. Children with the condition have impaired B cells, the white blood cells which make antibodies.

New Delivery System May Improve Gene Therapy
A new delivery system developed at the Weizmann Institute may allow scientists to target new genes to a predetermined position in the cell's chromosomes.

Mimicking The Thymus - A Tool In The Battle Against HIV
British scientists have developed a system which allows them to mimic the thymus in a test tube. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to