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December 08, 1997
Greenhouse Gas Options For Developing Countries Under Study
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientists are helping the world's developing and transitioning nations explore ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Sun And Jupiter Trap Earth In Ongoing Particle Bombardment
New findings by a University of Colorado at Boulder research team indicate Earth is alternately peppered by extremely high-energy electrons from the two giants of our solar system, the sun and Jupiter.

Study Shows 27% Of Women Who Miss Two Pills Risk Pregnancy
27 percent of women in a contraceptive use study had increased risk of pregnancy because they didn't take the pill for two or more consecutive days and used no backup in the following week.

Solo Balloonist's Round-The-World Flight To Carry JPL/NASA Payload
NASA instrumentation that someday will study Mars or Venus will fly aboard Steve Fossett's balloon as he attempts to fly around the world this winter.

In Uganda's Impenetrable Forest, A New Census For Mountain Gorillas
A team of scientists has counted nearly 300 mountain gorillas living in Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, bringing the total to around 600 for this most endangered gorilla sub-species.

Researchers Puzzle Over The Source Of Mysterious X-Rays Recorded Above The Earth
The flight of a balloon sent aloft by scientists over Kiruna, Sweden, seemed uneventful -- until researchers started examining the data.

Fairness Is Key In Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions Agreement
A global system of tradeable carbon dioxide permits has the potential to galvanize support for a greenhouse gas emissions treaty that can solve the problem at lowest possible cost, and is fair to both industrialized and developing nations, according to a Penn State energy and environmental economist.

'The Big Elephant In The Corner Of The Room'
Some patients with AIDS and their doctors are reluctant to talk about what kind of health care they want when the end of life is approaching because they are afraid that will hasten their death, researchers have found.

Counseling Hospitalized Smokers Can Help Them Quit
Offering hospitalized smokers bedside stop-smoking counseling can help them stay off cigarettes after they return home, according to a study appearing in the December 8 Archives of Internal Medicine. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to