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December 22, 1997
Regulator Of Fat Thermostat Found
Medical researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have identified the first factor to significantly boost human leptin concentrations.

Society Of Actuaries Surveys Experts On Longer Life Spans And Forecasting Mortality For Social Security
Forecasting methods with greater heed to uncertainty are necessary if financing needs for social security are to be more accurately projected, says a survey of experts.

Pitt Researchers Construct Novel Delivery System For Gene Therapy Of Liver Disorders
University of Pittsburgh researchers have constructed the first prototype of a delivery system for genes called a reconstituted chylomicron remnant (RCR) that has resulted in the extended production of therapeutic proteins in an animal model, according to a report published in the Dec.

Making The Internet 10 Times Faster
Computer scientists at Washington University in St. Louis have patented two major inventions that should make Internet applications like e-mail, the World Wide Web and electronic commerce 10 times faster than they are now.

Colon Cancer Linked To Genes, Not Lifestyle
Colon cancer and many other geriatric diseases in primates appear to be natural outcomes of aging, rather than being caused by outside factors, a scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has found.

No Sweat! Positive Thoughts Help Exercisers Stick With It
Washington University medical researcher Joanne Kraenzle Schneider, Ph.D., R.N., found that women over 55 who believe in the health benefits of working out tend to exercise more often, more intensely or for longer periods than those with negative beliefs.

Virologists Track New Influenza Threat
University of Wisconsin-Madison influenza experts will conduct a detailed surveillance next month of the dangerous strain of influenza that has infected eight people and killed three in Hong Kong.

Suicide Phone Counseling For Seniors At Risk Improves Their Outlook
Elderly Americans have the nation's highest rate of suicide - a rate 50 percent greater than that for young people.

Genetic "Short Circuit" Leads To Cleft Palate
Scientists have identified not just a single gene but a genetic circuit, that when broken, causes cleft palate in newborn mice.

Estrogen Replacement May Help Slow Decline In Memory In Post-Menopausal Women
A new long-term study from the National Institute on Aging (NIA) suggests that use of estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) by post-menopausal women may help slow normal age-related decline in memory. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to