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March 12, 1998
2nd International Bioerosion Workshop To Be Held At Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution March 30-April 3, 1998
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution will host the 2nd International Bioerosion Workshop at its Education and Conference facility March 30 - April 3, 1998.

Developing Florida's Marine Food Fish Industry
The 1st Florida Marine Aquaculture Industry Development (MAID) Workshop will be held at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Inc., Fort Pierce, Florida, April 16-18, 1998.

New Fluorescence Technique For Ultra-Sensitive Enzyme Characterization Developed - Screening Catalytic Activity At The Single-Molecule Level
Precise analytical techniques for monitoring enzymes are indispensable tools for the understanding of biological phenomena at the molecular level.

Australia Pioneers New Lifesaving Technologies
Major advances in the diagnosis of breast and cervical cancer, skin cancer, lung disease and other potentially deadly conditions are ont he way thanks to a revolution in the use of computers to analyse medical images.

Research: Alcohol Impairs Mental Performance More in the Young
A growing body of evidence on alcohol's effects shows that just one drink can impair learning and memory in both young animals and young humans, but has no memory effect on adults, according to researchers from Duke University Medical Center and the Durham VA Medical Center.

Crater Chain On Two Continents Points To Impact From Fragmented Comet: 214Million Year-Old Event Corresponds With Mass Extinction
A team of scientists working on two continents has discovered that a series of five craters on Europe and North America form a chain, indicating the breakup and subsequent impact of a comet or asteroid that collided with Earth approximately 214 million years ago.

Nanoprobe Array Of STMs To Expand Data Storage
Cornell University researchers have built and tested an array of microscopic scanning tunneling microscopes on the surface of an ordinary silicon chip.

Discovery Pushes Back Boundaries Of Known Universe
Astronomers have set a new record for the most distant object ever observed, a young galaxy nearly 90 million light years further away from Earth than any previously discovered.

Over 4700 Technical Sessions Will Reveal New Findings At National Chemists' Meeting In Dallas, March 29 - April 2
Monitoring cancer therapy and the global warming debate are among topics that will be discussed here March 29 through April 2 at the 215th national meeting of the American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society.

Biologists Get First Look At DNA-Protein Binding Structure In An Archaeon
Biologists have answered a fundamental how-does-it-work question, involving the binding of DNA and protein, that eventually may lead to the ability to forge DNA into specific shapes for specific purposes.

Wistar Scientist Is Chair Of 1998 American Association For Cancer Research Program Committee
Frank J. Rauscher III, Ph.D., professor and head of Wistar's Molecular Genetics Program, is Chair of the 89th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), to be held March 28-April 1, 1998 in New Orleans.

Change In HIV May Precipitate AIDS
NICHD Scientists have developed a new model for studying the destructive effects of AIDS in live tissue samples. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to