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May 01, 1998
Inhibitor Shows Potential To Protect Infant Brain
Several biotech companies are exploring the idea that compounds called caspase inhibitors might minimize the brain damage that results from blood and oxygen shortage.

Do Termites Use
Just as humans may use naphthalene

Comprehensive Nutritional Status In Patients With Long-Standing Crohn Disease Currently In Remission
Nutritional assessment was performed in 32 patients with Crohn disease, or chronic inflammation of the intestines.

Back Pain Will Keep Coming Back If Not Treated Early
Three quarters of people who go to see their doctor about lower back pain are still suffering a year later say Dr.

Effects Of Age Of Introduction Of Complementary Foods On Iron Status OfBreast-Fed Infants In Honduras
Dr. Dewey and colleagues studied the incidence of iron deficiency and anemia in children who were breast-fed for six months, contrasting with those who received supplemental iron-fortified foods from four to six months.

Virginia Tech Scientists Study 'Killer' Molecules
Drs. Mitzi Nagarkatti and Prakash Nagarkatti of Virginia Tech have been awarded a three-year $500,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the nature of endothelial cell injury.

Mowing, Grazing Of Tall-Grass Prairie Increases
A long-term research study on tall grass prairies found that bison grazing or mowing increases the species diversity at a particular site of grasses on the prairie.

New Study Shows White Males Have More Receptors For Patent Blood-Vessel Contracting Substance
A new discovery by researchers at the University of Georgia may help explain why -- when it comes to blood vessels -- all people are not created equal.

The Many Faces Of Malnutrition In Crohn Disease
This editorial by K.N. Jeejeebhoy emphasizes that Crohn disease is a life-long disorder with subtle manifestations of malnutrition which affect muscle strength and sense of well being in spite of clinical remission.

National Network Provides Update On Devastating Corn Disease
Research aimed at monitoring the devastating corn disease, gray leaf spot, indicates development of hybrids with genetic resistance is feasible and when combined with crop rotation, yield losses can be reduced.

Infant Feeding Recommendations
This editorial by Doctors Garza and Frangelio describes the benefits of six-month breast-feeding to assure growth and to maximize immunity to infection.

New Imaging Agent Found For Early Diagnosis And Research Of Parkinson's Disease
Researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital have developed an imaging agent for Parkinson¹s disease that could allow clinicians to diagnose the disease more accurately and earlier in its progression than is currently possible, as well as to utilize imaging technologies that are cheaper, faster, and widely available.

Uranus Moons Named Caliban and Sycorax
Cornell astronomer Philip Nicholson and his colleagues have proposed to name the two recently discovered moons of the planet Uranus Caliban and Sycorax, both characters in Shakespeare's play

Cities Team With NASA And EPA For "Urban Forests" Study
A highly successful experiment in measuring how cities can keep their cool will be repeated in several U.S. cities this summer.

Discovering Our Selves: The Science of Emotion, May-5-6
Fifteen of America's preeminent brain scientists will present the latest findings about emotion at the Library of Congress, May 5-6.

Virginia Tech Scientists To Evaluate Risks Associated With Release of Recombinant Organisms
The USDA¹s Biotechnology Risk Assessment Laboratory has awarded a $182,000 grant to fund a study in the Virginia- Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine to evaluate risks associated with the release into the environment of a recombinant strain of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae developed as a potential porcine vaccine.

UCSF Inaugurates New Center For The Neurobiology Of Addiction, One Of The First Research Enterprises Of Its Kind In The Country
UC San Francisco will inaugurate its new Center for the Neurobiology of Addiction on May 7 and May 8. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to