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May 07, 1998
Active Packaging Enhances Safety And Quality Of Perishable Foods
Stealth scavengers sound like characters out of a science fiction film.

Demand For Home Meal Replacements Challenges Food Industry
Today's consumer demand for minimally-processed, easy-to-eat, and nutritious foods has created a booming market for home meal replacements.

Meeting Features Research On Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy; John Glenn's Mission; Results from Neurolab; and Applying Lessons from Space to Patients
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy ­ a treatment that has been around for several decades ­ is making a comeback.

New Machine Slashes Time, Cost To Make Unique Lenses
Engineers from the University of Rochester and seven corporate partners, working with the U.S.

No Metallic Hydrogen Yet
The long-sought goal of turning hydrogen into a metal, it has been predicted, would require pressure comparable to that found at the center of the Earth.

New Fossil Discoveries Clinch Ancient Age Of Human Ancestor
Newly discovered African fossils could resolve questions over the age and evolution of a species thought to be the most ancient known upright-walking ancestor of humans, according to research to be published in today's (May 7) issue of the journal Nature

Ultrathin Films Of A Polyelectrolyte With Layered Architecture: Well Defined Assemblies For Model Studies Of Polyelectrolytes
A method to prepare ultrathin films of polymeric acids was developed at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany.

Heavy Drinkers Can Add Heavy Burden To Their Risk For Stroke
DALLAS, May 8 -- Studies have shown moderate amounts of alcohol can be beneficial in reducing the risk of heart attack or stroke, but too much of a good thing can turn bad according to a report in this month's Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.

UD Summer Solution: Bored Kids? 'Mail-Order Math' Keeps 'Em Busy
Parents nationwide can keep their 4th through 8th graders busy this summer pondering such brain teasers as how best to swamp a bedroom or split the profits from a sale of Beanie Babies--thanks to the University of Delaware's

Health Effects Of Consuming Alcohol, Dairy Foods, And Iron-Fortified Products ToBe Debated
The potential health benefits and risks of consuming dairy foods, iron-fortified products, and light to moderate amounts of alcohol will be discussed at the Institute of Food Technologists' 1998 Annual Meeting & FOOD EXPO June 21-24.

Some AIDS Patients May Show Resistance To Sulfa Drugs
University of Michigan researchers discovered mutations in the genetic make-up of a type of pneumonia that is the most common severe opportunistic infection in people with AIDS.

Finalists Determined In IFT Student Food Product Development Competition
Six university teams of graduate and undergraduate students are finalists in the 1998 Institute of Food Technologists' (IFT's) Student Association Product Development Competition sponsored by M&M/Mars.

3,500 Earth And Space Scientists To Report Latest Findings At Boston Meeting
Some 3,500 scientists from around the world will present the latest findings in fields ranging from the Earth's core to the limits of the solar system at the Spring Meeting of the American Geophysical Union in Boston, May 26-29.

Composting Livestock Waste Provides Benefits
Purdue University researchers have found that composting waste from livestock operations can be an efficient way to manage the waste with less cost.

Researchers Tease Out Risk And Benefits Of Treating Brain Blood Vessel "Tangle"
Treating a condition that causes bleeding in the brain, called cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM), may pose a greater danger than the condition itself, according to researchers, whose study is in this month's Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.

Test Predicts Patients At Risk For Complication After Open-Heart Surgery
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center have designed a novel test that effectively predicts a patient's risk for developing a common life-threatening heart-rhythm abnormality following coronary-artery bypass surgery.

New Insights Into The Enigma Of Lengthening Longevity
Death rates decelerate with age, not just for humans but also for insects, worms, yeast--and automobiles.

Stingray In The Sky Sparks New Theory
Australian astronomers have put forward a new theory to explain a weird stingray shaped remnant of a giant exploded star or supernova.

Split-Brain Study Finds Lefty Writing Guided By The Right
Surgery that split the halves of her brain helped a woman's seizures.

Interplanetary Dust May Cause Climate Change, Gradual Extinction
Space dust in the earth's atmosphere and changes in the planet's orbit may have started the gradual extinction of dinosaurs and other life thousands of years before a massive asteroid collision dealt the final blow, according to research from the University of Florida and the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

Non-Traditional Food Technologies May Yield Safer, Fresher, and More Nutritious Products
New alternatives to traditional food technologies that may create safer and more wholesome foods will be revealed at the Institute of Food Technologists' 1998 Annual Meeting & FOOD EXPO in Atlanta June 21-24.

What You Do Know (Quitting Smoking, Lowering Blood Pressure) Can Help Prevent What You Don't Know (Silent Strokes)
DALLAS, May 8 -- How do you prevent something that you don't know is happening?

UCSF Study Finds Length Of Time Between Pregnancies Can Affect Health Of The Subsequent Baby
The length of the interval between a woman's pregnancies has an important role in the health of the subsequent baby, according to a new UC San Francisco study of Latina and white women in the United States.

Emerging Pathogens And Safety Of Fresh Produce Key Issues Facing Food IndustryAnd Scientists
Pathogens of emerging concern, the prevalence of microbial contamination in fresh produce, and ways to ensure the safety of fresh fruits and vegetables will be explored at the Institute of Food Technologists' 1998 Annual Meeting & FOOD EXPO in Atlanta June 20-24. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to