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May 19, 1998
Ancient Pueblo Great House Yielding Unexpected Findings
Excavations of a Pueblo site in the Four Corners region linked to the Chaco culture that once dominated the Southwest indicate the site was still occupied well after the collapse of the ancient empire about 1125.

Scientists Report Rainfall Measuring Mission, Including Marshall-Managed Lightning Sensor, Exceeding Expectations
Weather and climate researchers are gaining unprecedented insights into rainfall-producing cloud systems over the tropical land masses and oceans from instruments flying aboard the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission -- a joint NASA and Japanese Space Agency spacecraft.

ASU Scientists Join NASA Astrobiology Institute
Arizona State University has added Exobiologist Jack Farmer and Cosmochemist Laurie Leshin to its strong, specialized programs in planetary geology, environmental science and materials science to form a world-class Astrobiology Center.

New UCSF Study Asks: Do Physicians & Patients Fare Better Under Physician-Run Managed Care Groups?
The trend in California under managed care is to delegate more responsibility to physician groups, but it is not yet clear whether this shift will be advantageous for physicians or patients, according to a new study by health policy specialists at the University of California San Francisco.

Some Exercise Guidelines May Not Be Valid For Older Adults, Studies Find
Exercise guidelines that use a measure called heart-rate reserve or rely on how people rate their exertion may not be valid for older women, a new study by Washington University in St.

UCSF Hospitalists May Be Key To Shorter, Less Costly Hospital Stays
At a time when managed care is forcing hospitals to cut costs, a new UC San Francisco study has found that increasing the involvement of faculty doctors who specialize in hospital care may be a key to shorter, less costly hospital stays that don't compromise quality or teaching.

Sweet Tooth, Personality Traits Diagnose Alcoholism
Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill find compelling evidence that a strong preference for intense sweet taste combined with a particular personality profile can help diagnose alcoholism and may pave the way for development of a diagnostic test for determining the risk of developing alcoholism.

Mice Missing Major Cocaine Target In Brain Still Get Hooked
When Marc Caron created genetically engineered mice missing a molecule thought to be the main target of cocaine in the brain, he expected the resulting mice would be relatively immune from cocaine's effects.

New Version Of Blood Test Clarifies Prostate Cancer Risk
Most men can obtain a good estimate of their prostate cancer risk from the traditional blood-screening test.

Lightning Likes Land
NASA's lightning sensor confirms lightning strike pattern in images taken from space.

Baton Rouge Shines With Urban Heat
Baton Rouge shines in heat from urban development. NASA scientists study the phenomenon of

Computer-Based Weather Forecasts Turn In Good Showing
Can a computer program win a weather forecasting contest? Not yet, but a Penn State statistical weather forecasting program did beat the consensus forecast in the 1996-97 National Collegiate Weather Forecasting Contest.

Children's Risk Of Death From Asthma Linked To Family Dysfunction
The death rate from asthma has nearly doubled among 5- to 24- year-olds in the United States between 1980-83.

Polish Dumpling-Like Particle Has Potential In Drug Delivery
Chemists at Washington University in St. Louis have created synthetic polymer particles that look like Polish dumplings but show promise of being effective gene or drug carriers.

University Of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute Study Confirms Efficacy Of Taxol Regimen In The Treatment Of Advanced Lung Cancer
Results from a large, randomized, phase III study confirmed the efficacy of paclitaxel plus carboplatin in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to