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June 09, 1998
UT Southwestern And Komen Foundation Offer Breast-Care Fellowship
The Center for Breast Care at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and the Susan G.

Tracking Pulsars By Their Twinkle
Radio astronomers have found a way to use the twinkling of stars to measure the velocity and distance of speeding neutron stars called pulsars that have escaped from the galaxy.

Plant Pathologists Collaborate Worldwide To Combat Sorghum Ergot
Sorghum, an extremely important cereal crop worldwide, has developed a serious enemy, ergot.

Tobacco Industry Campaign Contributions Influence State Legislators' Votes
Tobacco industry campaign contributions swayed legislators' tobacco policy votes in five of six politically disparate states examined, according to a UC San Francisco study reported in the June 9 issue of American Journal of Public Health.

American Heart Association Comment: Screening Programs For Heart Problems In High School Athletes Found Lacking
Dr. David Driscoll, a member of the American Heart Association's writing group which issued the nation's first set of standardized recommendations for screening young athletes for potentially fatal cardiovascular disease, will be available on June 8 and 9 to speak to reporters about the JAMA paper.

FDA Approves Hopkins-Designed Implants To Restore Lost Voices
Johns Hopkins physicians have designed a series of implants that restore bulk to weakened vocal cords, returning the power of speech to those who have lost their voices from paralysis associated with throat cancers, strokes or other conditions.

Chern Memorial Award Presented To Wistar Institute Postdoctoral Fellow
The Wistar Institute Training Committee has chosen Dr. Nickolai Barlev, a postdoctoral fellow working in the Wistar laboratory of Shelley Berger, Ph.D., to receive the 1998 Ching Jer Chern Memorial Award.

Astronomy Conference Devotes Session To Gamma Ray Bursts
Gamma-Ray Bursts session at scientific conference: Discovery of visible stars where cosmic gamma-ray explosions were detected are leading to new scientific findings.

Rapid Road Repair Vehcile Would Fix Potholes On The Fly
A Sandia lab technician who dreamed of a bus-sized vehicle that would fix potholes as it drove over them has received a patent on his idea.

Ohio Working Family Survey Shows Women Still Do Most Housework
A comprehensive survey of working families in Ohio indicates that working women continue to pull double duty on the job and in the home.

The Fishing Hole Had Better Be Upstream From Commercial And Industrial Centers
Midges, the bane of fishermen and stream-side picnics, advance with civilization, Virginia Tech biology graduate student Matthew McTammany has discovered.

EPA And UC Researchers Find Bacteria That Can Destroy Giardia Cysts
Researchers at the U.S Environmental Protection Agency labs in Cincinnati and the department of biological sciences at the University of Cincinnati have isolated a bacteria which can destroy the common waterborne parasite Giardia in its resistant cyst form.

Molecular Key To Heart Failure Development
Researchers led by Dr. Howard Rockman, associate professor of medicine and pharmacology at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine, have identified a molecular key to the development of heart failure and have prevented heart failure in a strain of mice genetically engineered to develop the disease.

New Gene Therapy Technique Results In Efficient Gene Delivery
Viruses are normally all together too good at entering our cells.

Newly Recognized Cell-Surface Receptor Protects Heart Tissue Against Damage
Scientists at the Penn Medical Center and NIH identified a new molecular target that could lead to novel therapies for ischemic cardiovascular disease.

Tuning In On "The Antennae": The Ultraluminous Starburst Potential
Radio astronomers report that the total molecular gas content -- the fuel for star formation -- in a pair of colliding galaxies, known as

Genetic Study Reveals Sumatran Tigers Are A Distinct Species From All Mainland Tigers
A study of mitochondrial DNA sequences of tigers, published this month in Animal Conservation, demonstrates that Sumatran tigers are a distinct species, a finding with significant implications for tiger conservation.

"Nearby" Galaxy Clusters May Still Be Birthing New Stars
Astronomers have found newer, bluer galaxies than expected in nearby galaxy clusters, suggesting broods of young stars in these galaxies. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to