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July 29, 1998
Mechanism Discovered For Determining Early Vertebrate Body Plan: New Zebrafish Mutants Afford Deeper Look Into Embryonic Patterning
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center have identified new zebrafish mutants important in the first steps that control the dorsoventral -- back to abdomen -- arrangement of embryonic tissues, a process called patterning.

Research Shows How Shrimps Escape Predators
Researchers from Sweden have found that freshwater shrimps spin tiny currents to enable them to detect the scent of brown trout waiting downstream to ambush them.

Allergy And Asthma-Exaceberating Mites, Molds And Pollens On The Rise Due To El Niño . . . La Niña
Due to El Niño weather conditions, which have resulted in increased pollen, dust mite, and cockroach levels, asthma and allergy attacks in Southern California are likely to be more frequent and more severe this year.

Hurricane Relief Efforts Often Misguided, Harmful
Misguided hurricane relief efforts in the Caribbean often have done more harm than good, according to authors of a new book.

Studies Indicate An Effective Treatment For Steroid-Induced Osteoporosis
The drug alendronate may help prevent and treat steroid- induced osteoporosis, according to a nationwide study led by Kenneth Saag, M.D., University of Iowa professor of internal medicine.

United States And Ukrainian Governments Establish Permanent Chernobyl Laboratory
Last week, during Vice President Al Gore's visit to Chernobyl, the United States and Ukraine signed a joint agreement providing for a permanent laboratory near the site of the nuclear accident.

Feed A Microbe An Unearthly Dish And You Make Your Own Extraterrestrial
If you can't find an extraterrestrial why not make one instead?

Can Pharmacists Help Patients Keep Blood Pressure In Check
In the study, which is being directed by researchers Stephanie Taylor, Eddie Boyd and Leslie Shimp of the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy, two Detroit independent pharmacies are offering extra services to hypertension patients enrolled in the project.

Little Known Protein Prevents Formation Of Kidney Stones In Trace Amounts
Researchers at the University of Chicago have discovered that an anti-inflammatory protein called calgranulin, previously detected only in white blood cells, may play a key role in the prevention of kidney stones.

Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt To Speak At Ecological Society of America's 1998 Annual Meeting
ESA is pleased to announce that Bruce Babbitt, Secretary of the Department of Interior, will speak at the plenary session of ESA's 1998 Annual Meeting, to be held in Baltimore, Maryland, on August 2-6, 1998.

Common Anti-Viral Medication Prevents Severe Eye Herpes
A new study led by University of California San Francisco researchers has found that acyclovir, a common anti-viral drug used to treat and prevent genital herpes, can also prevent the recurrence of herpes disease of the eye.

Delicate Skull Base Brain Surgery Can Give Patients With Debilitating Facial Pain A New Lease On Life
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's Skull Base Institute is successfully treating Trigeminal Neuralgia, universally considered the most painful affliction known to adults. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to