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September 04, 1998
Miniaturized Shock Waves Can Study Molecular Dynamics
A new procedure for investigating materials under extreme conditions using laser-driven shock waves has been developed at the University of Illinois.

Data Support Idea That Zinc Plays Key Role In Fight Against Anorexia
People who don't consume zinc may become seriously anorexic, with little desire and even a repulsion for eating.

The Use Of Antimicrobial Drugs In Developing Countries Must Be Limited To Avoid Producing Untreatable Diseases
Professor Hart from the University of Liverpool and Dr Kariuki of the Kenya Medical Research Institute review the progress of antibacterial resistance in diseases including pneumococcal meningitis, tuberculosis and typhoid fever.

Robotic Telescope Sheds Light On Cosmic Microwave Background
For the past nine months, astronomers have been imaging the southern heavens in hydrogen-alpha light every night while keeping their day jobs, and without losing any sleep.

Pitt Neuroscientists Uncover Mechanism For Neuron Death, Counter Long-Held Assumptions About This Process
Calcium flow into mitochondria triggers the death of neurons exposed to glutamate, which proves toxic when overproduced in brain injury and stroke.

Turning "Unrecyclable" Waste Into Plastic Products
Often recyclers are left with an unpleasant pile of dark rank smelling scrap yard shredder waste that refuses to transform into anything intrinsically useful.

Scientists Hope To Learn How Long Trees Can Absorb High Levels Of CO2
The growth rate of Loblolly pine trees in a North Carolina forest increased by 12 percent when the trees were exposed for one growing season to carbon dioxide levels projected for 50 years in the future, according to initial data gathered by scientists from four institutions.

Local Approaches To Combating Antibiotic Resistance Are Doomed To Failure
Richard Wise, professor of medical microbiology at Birmingham, and colleagues say that veterinary practice must change, that patients must be educated not to expect antibiotics for every infection, that clinical guidelines will be needed to control antibiotic prescribing and that more fundamental research will be required to understand the levers that control antibiotic resistance.

Long-Term Olive Oil Consumption And Coronary Mortality
People who consume Mediterranean diets rich in olive oil have lower coronary mortality.

Carbon Dioxide Holds Promise As Future Refrigerant In Automobiles
Carbon dioxide, the gas that puts the

A Renaissance In Delaware: As The New Century Nears, University Of Delaware (UD) Overcomes Aging Infrastructures
As organizations worldwide grapple with the growing problem of aging infrastructures--a $26 billion problem for the nation's higher-education institutions--UD will have completed its backlog of deferred maintenance problems by around the turn of the century, while simultaneously building 11 new facilities, boosting University-sponsored student scholarships by 227 percent to date, more than doubling private gifts and holding the lid on tuition increases.

Dietary Calcium, Protein, And Phosphorus Are Related To Bone Mass In Young Women
In a cross-sectional analysis of 215 women aged 18-31 years, bone marrow density increased with years beyond menarche and correlated with intakes of protein, calcium, and phosphorus.

Vets Defend The Use Of Antibiotics In Animal Husbandry
Dr. Quentin McKellar, Director of the Moredun Research Institute, argues that antimicrobials are an extremely valuable resource in livestock production and their prudent use is beneficial.

Loss Of Tumor Suppressor Gene Triggers Colon Cancer
Researchers have speculated that loss of a tumor suppressor gene's function can promote cancer.

Ancient 'Volcanic Winter' Tied To Rapid Genetic Divergence In Humans
A new hypothesis suggests that a horrific

Family Members And Kissing Contacts At Greater Risk Of Meningitis
Professor Bjorn-Erik Kristiansen from the University of Tromso and colleagues studied the prevalence of virulent bacteria strains in 1535 primary contacts of 48 patients with meningococcal disease in Norway.

Hopkins Researchers Discover Key Target In Molecular Pathway That Initiates Colon Cancer
In the latest of a series of discoveries about colon cancer genes, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute have discovered a connection between two of them, APC and c-MYC, that conspires to initiate almost all colon cancers.

Glowing Cyanobacteria Gives Researchers New Clues To Circadian Rhythms
Three genes essential to circadian rhythms in cyanobacteria, the simplest organisms known to have such

Simple Chemical Switch Steers Migrating Neurons
Developing neurons possess navigational systems in their axons that guide them to their appointed destinations in the brain and spinal cord.

Program Helps Parents In High-Conflict Divorces Weigh Kids' Feelings
Adults embroiled in a long, bitter divorce fight often put their kids in the middle.

Service Will Find Answers To Almost Any Child-Rearing Question
While kids are struggling with subjects such as math or history this fall, some of their parents may be wishing they just knew more about being a parent.

University of Georgia Genetics Professor John Avise Publishes The Genetic Gods, A New Book On Evolution And Belief
In a very real sense, we are our genes. These molecular agents influence our bodily features, our behaviors and even our predisposition to spirituality.

New Technique Capable Of Investigating Ultra-Miniature Flow Fields
A system for measuring fluid velocities on the scale of a single cell has been developed at the University of Illinois.

Understanding Why Antibiotics May Be Over-prescribed For Patients With Sore Throats
Dr. Christopher Butler and colleagues from the University of Wales College of Medicine report the findings of a survey which illustrates some of the cultural reasons why doctors prescribe antibiotics or non-antibiotics to patients.

Flexibility In Cutting Toxic Releases Yields Dividends
Changes in federal regulation giving chemical companies flexibility in deciding how to reduce toxic pollution are producing measurable results, according to researchers at the University of Illinois. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to