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September 14, 1998
New Study Highlights Hazards On Hormone Disrupting Chemicals
A new report gives a basis for the differencies in sexual development between different organisms and the role of hormones.

New Evidence From Dinosaur Footsteps Show Massive Herds Once Roamed Northern Alaska
A University of Alaska expedition has discovered a significant variety of single dinosaur footprints and sets of prints, or trackways, on Alaska's North Slope.

Hollywood Film Maker Learns To Walk Again -- One Step At A Time
Learning to walk again was the hardest thing Howard Rutman, a Hollywood film maker ever did.

Tribology And Materials: Challenges For Materials In Automotive Engineering
Friction, lubrication and wear in vehicle design and engineering will be discussed at a conference to be held at MECC, Maastricht, Netherlands on 20-22 April 1999.

Study Shows Calcitonin-Salmon Nasal Spray Helps Prevent New Spinal Fractures In Women With Existing Osteoporosis
A recently completed study shows that calcitonin-salmon nasal spray reduced by 36 percent the incidence of new spinal fractures in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis.

Nature's Sugar High
Spacelab successfully crystallizes an intensely sweet protein from the African Serendipity Berry that has 3000 times the kick of table sugar - and no calories.

New Data Show Evista Reduces Spinal Fractures
Eli Lilly and Company's Evista, the newest osteoporosis preventive, significantly reduced by about half the risk of new spinal fractures among postmenopausal women after two years of treatment, according to new data presented today at the annual meeting of the European Congress on Osteoporosis in Berlin, Germany.

UCSF Study Shows For The First Time That A Drug May Reduce Risk Of Hip Fractures By More Than Half In Women Who Have Never Had A Spine Fracture
An osteoporosis drug can reduce the risk of hip fractures by 56 percent among women who have never suffered a spinal fracture, according to a UC San Francisco researcher who announced new results from the landmark Fracture Intervention Trial (FIT) today (Monday, September 14) at a scientific meeting.

Aspirin Decreases Genetic Mutations Associated With Inherited Colon Cancer
Aspirin may prevent the development of a particular type of common hereditary colorectal cancer.

Novel Therapy Significantly Reduces Spinal Fractures In Postmenopausal WomenWith Two Years Of Therapy
Researchers at the University of California San Francisco and Kaiser Permanente Medical Center report that a novel hormone therapy reduces the risk of spinal fractures in women with osteoporosis by about 50 percent.

No Link Found Between Heart Attack Risk And Low-Dose Estrogen Contraceptives
Women taking low-dose estrogen oral contraceptives did not face an increased heart attack risk, according to a study. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to