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September 15, 1998
School Breakfast Participation Leads To Academic, Psychosocial Improvements
A new study by researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital and other institutions supports to traditional beliefs about the importance of a good breakfast.

Galileo Finds Source Of Jupiter's Rings
Jupiter's intricate, swirling ring system is formed by dust kicked up as interplanetary meteoroids smash into the giant planet's four small inner moons, according to scientists studying data from NASA's Galileo spacecraft.

HHMI Grant Boosts Life Sciences Education, Outreach
A comprehensive University of Illinois program geared for the education of undergraduate students in the life sciences and fostering community outreach has received a $1.6 million grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Treatment Programs For Batterers Must Be Tested To See If They Prevent Abuse OrActually Place Women In Further Peril, Says Expert
American society needs to take a critical look at treatment programs for men who batter their wives or girlfriends and stringently test them to make sure that they actually work to end domestic violence, says a leading researcher of abusive relationships.

UCSF-Fresno Medical Program Gains Accreditation
In a landmark event for the UCSF-Fresno Medical Education Program, Associate Dean H.

Multi Drug Resistant-TB: Russian Economic Collapse Will Lead To Global Spread Of "Ebola With Wings"
PHRI, Doctors Without Borders and MERLIN are calling for a worldwide campaign to raise $100 million to prevent the imminent epidemic of multidrug resistant tuberculosis in Russia.

The Second Visible Human Project Conference
The Visible Human Project, which produced fully computerized images of one male and one female human body, has been one of the National Library of Medicine's most exciting accomplishments.

Gene Therapy Animal Study Offers Hope For Some Neurodegenerative Diseases
A study co-authored by UC San Francisco researchers offers the first evidence that a gene therapy technique involving ribozymes, molecules that disrupt protein production, can be used to slow neurodegeneration in an animal model, signalling a possible approach for overcoming one of the monumental hurdles of gene therapy.

New UCSF Study Shows California Motorcycle Helmet Law Saves Money
The California law that requires motorcycle drivers to wear helmets saved the state and its taxpayers a significant amount of money during its first two years, primarily by reducing the number of head injuries associated with motorcycle accidents, a new University of California San Francisco study has found.

UCSF Osher Center For Integrative Medicine Symposium
Prominent researchers and practitioners from across the country will join with UCSF faculty for a scientific symposium, called

Peterbuilt Donates Truck To Virginia Tech; Study Of Longhaul-Drivers' Sleep Quality, Performance Underway
The Virginia Tech Center for Transportation Research has been given a new Peterbilt long-haul truck in exchange for a portable data collection system, and for developing human factors specifications for displaying information to drivers.

Scientists Uncover Marker Of Autoimmune Disease Activity
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas researchers have uncovered what they believe is a marker of autoimmune disease activity in patients with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, which may one day enable doctors and patients to predict disease flare-ups.

Hopkins Study Reveals Key Details On How We Get Energy
Biochemists at Johns Hopkins report they have solved a major mystery surrounding the way most organisms -- including people -- get energy.

Cardinals Can Recognize Gender By Song, Columbia University Biologist Finds
Male and female cardinals recognize each other during breeding season not by their plumage, but by differences in their songs, according to Columbia research scientist Ayako Yamaguchi.

DNA-Based Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise To Successfully Treat Melanoma In Mice
Over the past decade, knowledge about how the immune system can be used to fight cancer has greatly increased. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to