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October 12, 1998
"Swing" Test May Identify Those At Highest Risk Of Death From Congestive Heart Failure
A new test that measures swings in heart rate during the day may help identify individuals with congestive heart failure who are at the highest risk of dying from the condition within a year.

Trace Amounts Of Nicotine Raise Blood Pressure In An Animal Model
Minuscule amounts of nicotine--comparable to the trace amounts found in the blood after only fifteen minutes of exposure to second hand smoke--can trigger the release of chemicals that raise blood pressure in an animal model, report researchers from the University of Chicago in the October 13 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Wake Forest Study To Look At Quality of Life In Long-Term Breast Cancer Survivors
As the number of long-term survivors of cancer continues to grow, the medical community is becoming more concerned about issues of survivorship and quality of life and a new study will examine these issues.

UH Research Paves Way For Better Lasers, Thin Film Devices
A research team centered at the University of Houston has demonstrated a new technique that will dramatically expand the range of materials that researchers can use to create high performance semiconductor devices such as lasers and optoelectronic devices.

Discovery Of The First X-Ray Emitting Brown Dwarf
Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics and at the European Southern Observatory in Garching/Germany reported not only the first X-ray detection of a brown dwarf, but also the discovery of the youngest brown dwarf known so far (Science, Vol.

"World's Smallest Combination Lock" Promises To Foil The Best Computer Hacker,Say Sandia Developers
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