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October 26, 1998
Surgically Inducing A Heart Attack May Help Reduce Symptoms In Those WithEnlarged Hearts, Scientists Say
Injecting alcohol into the walls of the heart and deliberately inducing a heart attack can ease the symptoms of a genetic enlargement of the heart, report researchers.

Penn Researchers Find Negative Bias In Newspaper Coverage of Managed Care -- In "Media Vs. Managed Care," Media Takes Round #1
University of Pennsylvania researchers find negative bias in newspaper coverage of managed care.

World's Oldest Known Fossil Reptile Nests Discovered In Arizona's Petrified Forest
University of Colorado at Boulder and Emory University researchers have discovered scores of ancient reptile nests in Arizona's Petrified Forest National Park, believed to be the oldest such nests ever found.

Fault Activity: Geologists Use "Nature's Grease"
Scientists to use gouge to date near-surface fault activity and learn more about the fault's current strength.

Wake Forest University School Of Medicine Receives $1.9 Million To Continue Work With Adult Day Centers Nationwide
WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- In an effort to improve quality of services, increase the use of adult day centers, and assist in the development of start-up ventures, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has awarded the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine a $1.9 million grant to launch a national technical assistance program to help move the field of adult day services forward.

Right Stuff for the Super Stuff
John Glenn will conduct tests with a space age super-substance called aerogel on STS-95.

Colorado State Researchers Win National Science Foundation Support To StudyAbove-, Below-Ground Ecosystem Health With UK Scientists
They're tiny, toothy, terrifying and teem in unbelievable profusion beneath your feet, but instead of Halloween ghouls, these creatures may well be the key to healthy ecosystems.

Elderly Bath Help: Bars, Diet, A Few Drinks
The elderly can largely compensate for their loss of function with grab bars and other helping devices, a good diet and, surprisingly, several drinks a day, according to Cornell University health economist Nandinee Kutty.

Abused Immigrant Women Suffer When Health Professionals Communicate Indirectly
Health care providers can encourage the well-being of immigrant women whom they suspect are victims of domestic abuse through supportive and direct communication, according to a University of California San Francisco specialist in violence prevention.

Public Release:  Long Lava Flows May Have Taken Years, Causing Global Cooling And Extinctions
Scientists are challenging the century old theory that long lava flows must have been formed quickly.

Geologists Find Evidence That North American Glacial Advances Coincided With Iceberg Calving Events
University of Cincinnati geologist Thomas Lowell will present data during the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, indicating that major advances of the Laurentide Ice Sheet over North America coincided with iceberg calving events over the North Atlantic.

Some Of The Country's Hottest Cities Early Results From A NASA Study To Improve Urban Planning Environment
Environmental planning for the 2002 Olympic games, strategies to reduce ozone levels, focused tree planting programs and identifying cool roofs are early spinoffs from a NASA urban study just concluding in three U.S. cities.

Geologist Proposes New Model To Explain Explosive Eruptions On Montserrat
University of Cincinnati geologists Attila Kilinc and Darren Locke will propose a new model to explain the explosive eruptions of the Sourfriere Hills volcano on Montserrat during the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America.

First-Ever Electron Microscope Study Of 18th Century British Earthenware ShowsCheap Knock-Offs Could Have Abounded
Antique lovers have a perennial problem. How can you tell if the lamp shade you have is a Tiffany original or a clever copy?

Why Are The Fish Sick? Local Tip Suspected
What is causing the extensive damage to fish in the small Swedish lake Molnbyggen?

Long Lava Flows May Have Taken Years, Causing Global Cooling And Extinctions
Scientists are challenging the century old theory that long lava flows must have been formed quickly.

ASU Archaeologist Discovers Possible Key To Mysteries Of Teotihuacan
The recent discovery of a burial of what appears to be a ruler with 150 surrounding artifacts inside the Pyramid of the Moon at the ruins of Teotihuacan could very well be a critical clue to understanding the mysterious people of this ancient city, the Western Hemisphere's first major metropolis.

Physicians Slow To Adopt Newer Drugs For Atrial Fibrillation
American physicians treating patients with atrial fibrillation are slow to incorporate newer medications into their practice, according to a study from the Massachusetts General Hospital.

DES (Diethylstilbesterol) May Suppress Gene Important To Normal Reproductive Tract Development
Exposure to DES during a critical period appears to suppress a gene that controls reproductive tract development in mice, causing changes similar to those found in women exposed to the drug before birth.

Cornell To Study Power Grid Breakdowns
Cornell Theory Center announced today that the Power Systems Engineering Research Center , a consortium of universities led by Cornell University, has received $10 million for research on minimizing failures in complex networked systems, such as electrical, communications and distribution systems. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to